Barça Femenino takes little loot from the Olympic

Barça Femenino takes little loot from the Olympic

The Catalan team beat Roma with a goal from Salma Paralluelo despite their numerous chances and their final difficulties


FC Barcelona took a good step towards the semifinals of the 2022-2023 Women’s Champions League after beating Italian Roma this Tuesday by a solitary 0-1 in a first leg of the quarterfinals. He was the great dominator and had numerous chances to having won in a more comfortable way, although in the end he grabbed Sandra Paños to tie up his advantage.

The Catalan team did not get the loot expected from an Olympic who dressed very well to receive it. He lacked accuracy, largely due to the great night of the local goalkeeper, Caesar, who, of the ten shots he received, was only able to beat Salma Paralluelo, who scored a goal that gave the current runner-up a short lead. but what he hopes to assert in the return next week at the Spotify Camp Nou.

However, they must not forget that, after having dominated in an almost authoritative way, the Italian team launched themselves a little higher and was about to make them pay dearly for their unusual lack of forcefulness in the final meters of a match where their superiority unexpectedly waned in the last half hour.

From the initial whistle, Barça was far superior and quickly locked up the locals, overwhelmed by the suffocating pressure to which they were subjected. Mapi León, Salma Paralluelo and, after a great individual play in the area, gave the first warnings to a very confident Caesar throughout the match.

Roma could hardly disturb except for an uncheck by Giacinti who read Paños well to go to court, but from then on the game only had one direction. Oshoala, poorly tuned all night, Bronze and Aitana Bonmatí came close to making it 0-1, but this one, after half an hour, went to Salma Paralluelo, who executed a shot perfectly from outside the area, the only one that Caesar could not stop .


The culé team could not increase their advantage before the break and after passing through the changing rooms, they recovered energy to try to sentence, but the goalkeeper of the Italian team did not concede anything, especially to Oshoala, whom she continued to embitter, and when it was not She, a teammate, crossed paths, as was the case with Linari, who took a header from the Nigerian striker under the sticks.

The news was that Roma also had a very clear equalizer, but Giacinti saw how his shot ran into a saving foot from ‘Mapi’ León. Caesar came across again in an attempt by Graham Hansen, who would be the last very clear of the visitors, who suffered the most in the final stretch, in which they lost some of their steam.

The game opened with the changes of the locals, who brought on Vicky Losada, while Jonatan Giráldez’s did not finish working out. His team could not take advantage of the spaces and saw how his only goal went from being scarce to very valuable due to his rival’s final rush.

Thus, Paños took over from Caesar and was the one who held hers safely against the shots from Glionna and, in a good counter, from Haavi. Another ex-Barcelona like Andressa Alves was close to taking advantage of a bad start, but the woman from Alicante finished at a high level with two good saves against Giugliano and, above all, already in added time against Giacinti


–RESULT: ROME, 0 – FC BARCELONA, 1 (0-1, at halftime)


ROME: Caesar; Bartoli (Di Guglielmo, min.66), Wenninger, Linari, Minami; Serturini (Gliona, min.61), Greggi (Losada, min.61), Giugliano, Haavi; Andressa Alves and Giacinti.

BARÇA FEMALE: Cloths; Bronze (Torrejón, min.92), Paredes, Mapi León, Rolfö; Bonmatí, Walsh, Guijarro (Engen, min.79); Graham Hansen (Vilamala, min.92), Oshoala (Ferreira, min.66) and Paralluelo (Crnogorcevic, min.78).


0-1, minute 34. Salma Paralluelo.

–REFEREE: Iuliana Demetrescu (RUM). She admonished Giachinti (min.34), for Roma, and Paredes (min.37) and Bronze (min.81), for FC Barcelona.

–Olympic Stadium. 39,454 viewers.


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