Banhprovi head denies excessive wage increase

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.– The president of the Honduran Bank for Production and Housing (Banhprovi), Edwin Araque, denied the accusations about the disproportionate increases in salaries in the institution.

The accusations were made by Libre groups, who leaked a sheet of alleged increases in the salaries of some officials of Banhprovi.

In this sense, within the list stands out the president of that institution, Edwin Araquewith an alleged salary of 323,400 lempiras. However, the bank owner denied the accusations.

“That information is totally false, those values ​​are not what correspond to the form from Banhprovi,” Araque said.

Edwin Araque, president of Banhprovi.

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He then assured that the only increment that was generated was decided by the directory, which was of a 9.8%based on the percentage of inflation published by the Banco Central.

«Yes, indeed there was, with 9.8%, I think the increase would be around L21,600.00 and the highest salary is mine, but it is much less than what appears in that publication,” he added. Edwin Araque.

Form information

Regarding the spreadsheets Banhprovi, note detailed the salary sheet corresponding to February 2023, which highlights Edwin Araque with the highest salary, with 226,553 lempiras.

In the case of the two proprietary directors, the salaries are L. 141,615. For their part, two of the assistant managers have salaries that range between L.157,350, with L.169,639.

Threats from Libre militants

Previously, the president of the Banhprovi Edwin Araquedenounced threats of kidnapping and material damage to his family by militants of the Libertad y Refundación (Libre) party.

Months ago, groups from that political institute carried out a protest demanding the dismissal of Araque. And, in this sense, he gave statements and denounced the threats.

At a press conference, Araque assured that They continue to hire all the militancy of Free As long as they meet the requirements, such as the knowledge test and the psychometric test, among others.

Banhprovi protests
Militants carried out burning tires in the vicinity of the institution.


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