Austin FC 1 – CF Montreal 0 | An eternal, renewed and crippled Samuel Piette

While the team was outclassed since the start of the game, Samuel Piette confirmed his place in the history of CF Montreal. He became the player with the most minutes for the club in MLS.

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However, what was happening on the pitch did not make one want to celebrate. Besieged, the Bleu-blanc-noir struggled to resist the multiple offensive thrusts of Austin FC. Eventually, these bad auspices came to pass. A late goal from the locals allowed Matthew McConaughey’s club to defeat the Montrealers 1-0.

Piette, who beat Nacho Piatti in minutes with the Impact-CFM thanks to his 11,428e minute on the pitch, not only helped out in central defense, but he had a very honest game before retiring “due to cramps”.

He is a guy who is highly respected in the group, he is a leader. We are all very proud of him for this record.

Mathieu Choinière, CF Montreal midfielder

Hernán Losada also used the term “leader” to refer to Piette.

“He had a great game. Especially in a position that is new to him. […] He was a leader behind and had a strong game,” summed up the Montreal driver.

After leaving Repentignois, everything collapsed. Striker Romell Quioto left the game, also struggling with cramps, then a net at the 88e minute by former Impact member Maxi Urruti sank the CFM.


Former Impact player, Maximiliano Urruti (37) scored the only goal of the game against Jonathan Sirois.

Losada’s men therefore suffer defeat for the second time in two outings. The head coach of the CFM explains the cramps suffered by these players simply, “they gave everything”.

Piette wore the captain’s armband for the game and replaced Joel Waterman, still bothered by an injury, in central hinge. In fact, all the candidates who can play in central defense are in the infirmary. The names of George Campbell and Robert Thorkelsson can be added to that of the Canadian international.

The problem is that Piette, an improvised central defender, allowed Losada to maintain their tactical scheme with five defenders. With a long face and hands holding the left thigh, Piette ordered the end of his duel at the 70e minute.

The one who wet the jersey of the Montrealers 145 times was also approaching a tenure of the team record (130), also held by the former Argentine star.

Local talent in the spotlight despite everything

Four home-grown players have carved out a place in the starting XI, including two who were getting their first MLS starts.

Jonathan Sirois was forced into the start due to the injury of starting goalkeeper, James Pantemis, suffered in the first game of the season.

“He knew one top match ! exclaimed Losada about the Quebec jailer.

His first start may not have ended in his first shutout, but it’s not for lack of effort. After 15 minutes of play, he maintained the score at 0-0 despite the 1.03 goal expected from Austin. He multiplied the parades in extremis to keep his people in the game before being dropped by the collective.

“I’m very proud of him,” Losada said of the goalie. It’s really a shame for him – and for the group – that we conceded a goal late in the game. »


CF Montreal’s Sean Rea (27) grapples with Austin FC’s Zan Kolmanic (23)

A week after being employed as a substitute in the duel against Inter Miami, Sean Rea also landed a first start with what he calls “his club”. The Lavallois notably obtained the best chance to score from his team, but his strike in the 33rde minute was stopped on the goal line by the rival goalkeeper.

Former academicians Nathan Saliba and Mathieu Choinière also featured in the starting XI.

“I’m really proud of the Academy players. It proves that the Academy has been doing something right for a few years and that top players can come out of it. Coming from the Academy myself, seeing my teammates play alongside me is a source of great pride,” said Mathieu Choinière.

As a substitute, Rida Zouhir entered and thus allowed five members of the Academy to tread the ground. The number of Quebecers used in this meeting then increased to six.



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