4x NBA champion Klay Thompson embracing his inner Kobe Bryant to look back at Ja Morant’s teammate leaves fans indifferent

Defending champion Golden State Warriors are struggling to find their groove in road games. The team suffered its 11 straight loss in Saturday night’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies without Ja Morant. Additionally, a Grizzlies star added further salt to the injury by searching Dubs star Klay Thompson during the game. However, Thompson channeled his inner Kobe Bryant to provide an appropriate response for the Memphis player. Meanwhile, fans weren’t that impressed with the Splash Brother’s gesture.

The Warriors’ recent performances have left the Dubnation in complete disbelief. The team seem to be missing a round in their away games. Notably, the Dubs have a poor road record of 7-29 this season. Recently, the Dubs lost an away game despite Stephen Curry’s 50 points. Even ace three-pointer Stephen Curry failed to let go of a single 3-pointer in the fourth quarter of the Grizzlies game.

Thompson brings back a response from Kobe Bryant

The Warriors, sensing their defeat, benched the Splash Brothers with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, rising Grizzlies star Dillon Brooks shouted from his bench to frisk Thompson. Brooks shouted “You Suck” at the Dubs star. However, the 4x NBA champion didn’t say a word but mimicked an iconic Kobe Bryant gesture.

Dillon Brooks from the bench to Klay Thompson before the end of the game:

“You suck!”

– Damichael Cole (@DamichaelC) 19 mars 2023

In 2014, while Bryant was watching a Lakers game in the crowd, a fan heckled the star. There is no clarity on what the fan said, but Bryant responded to the fan by counting the number of rings he owns.


Likewise, Thompson counted four rings and mocked Brooks for not owning a single one. Even though the Dubs star’s response seemed appropriate, it didn’t wow fans. They took over the Instagram comments section, mocking the star for her gesture. One user said: “Klay counts his rings… and his route wins.” Here are some reactions from NBA fans.

“2 rings because of KD, and 1 because of injuries”

“He counted their victories on the road”

“Kobe did it better”

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“Kobe would be proud”

“Bro thinks he’s Kobe lmaooo.”

“Kobe Bean Bryant they can try to erase him but they will never succeed”

Frustrating Loss of Warriors

The Dubs managed to hold the Grizzlies lead under 7 after the third quarter. While fans expected Curry to fire in the final quarter as usual, the Dubs superstar failed to find his form. The Grizzlies took advantage of the moment with a massive lead, giving Dubs no chance to recover. Currently, the Warriors are in the 7th seed with a 36-36 record.

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