The tragedy between barras bravas that can still be avoided in Quito

Fans of Millonarios and Medellín travel for Copa Libertadores. There have already been confrontations and threats.

Independiente Medellín and Millonarios make their debut in the 2023 Copa Libertadores, playing the first legs of phase 2 in Quito, Ecuador.

The powerful will face El Nacional (Wednesday, February 22), while the ambassador will play against Universidad Católica (Thursday, February 23), and both hope to score or get a result that allows them to play the second leg with hopes of qualifying.

However, while the teams in contention prepare to compete sportingly, their fans are getting ready for a war that could end in tragedy, but that there is still time to be avoided.

The brave bars of the DIM and Millonarios are at risk and there could be riots and actions to be regretted.

Investigating accounts of social networks of popular bars, the problems to go to Ecuador began from Pasto, because in the bus terminal of the Nariño capital, fans of Millonarios and DIM were found, with the bar ‘Los Kuervos’, fans of Junior who were on grass for the BetPlay I League match.

Taking advantage of the fact that they met in Nariño, the juniors have dedicated themselves to threatening and confronting fans of Millonarios or DIM.

There are even chilling videos in which threats and fights are seen, which for now have not reported any injuries or regrettable events.

In Ecuador things could get worse, as the ‘La Muerte Blanca’ bar is protesting the loan of the Rodrigo Paz Delgado stadium, from Quito’s University League, for El Nacional’s game against DIM.


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