The surprising decision that Enzo Fernández made on his move to London after arriving at Chelsea

Enzo Fernández would be looking for a year to rent in London (Reuters)

Enzo Fernandez returned to the front pages of the British sports media after the English press revealed that the Argentine midfielder is looking to rent a home for a year, despite having signed a contract that binds him to the Chelsea for eight seasons.

This was reported by the English portal Daily Mail and replicated it The Sun. The Argentine wants to rent a property for 12 months and would have already contacted a real estate agent London to handle your case. In addition, they detailed that the former River Plate would be willing to pay up to 13.5 million euros for the year.

It was strange that after the contract he signed, that Links him to the club for more than 8 and a half seasons, do not be in your initial plans to buy. However, we will have to see what his movements are in the city over the next few months since his arrival in England occurred at the last moment.

This data woke up a question mark Are you taking the time to choose and buy a home? Or do you feel that your destiny is not in London? It should be noted that Fernández’s football career has turned out to be very dynamic so far, going through clubs in which he had not spent more than a year since his departure from River Plate.

In Defense and Justice he remained from August 2020 to June 2021 and in his second stage in the millionaire He did it from June 2021 to July 2022. In Benfica, meanwhile, it took only six months before Chelsea paid its termination clause on the closure of the transfer book in Europe.

At 22, the midfielder he made quite an impression on his Premier League debut. With just one training session with his new team, Graham Potter decided to line him up in the starting team that faced Fulham for the twenty-second round of the championship.

Yes ok his team could not add three At Stamford Bridge, the former Benfica’s performance was very good and he even had an unbeatable chance to score his first goal.

In the first minutes the midfielder he was very active, as a constant offer to be the first pass to start, but also key in the recovery. Were four the removes that he got in the initial quarter of an hour, and thus made possible the quick exits of his team. Despite his good interventions, Potter’s team did not show their best offensive version and could only take one point after a goalless draw.

It should be remembered that the sale of Enzo Fernández to Chelsea was among the six most important in history.

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