The River Reserve beat Arsenal 2-0


The kids from El Más Grande visited Arsenal in Sarandí for the fifth date of the Reserve tournament and achieved an important victory. Those of Escudero were the leaders of the contest together with Lanús.

© River Press.The Reserve of the Greatest beat Arsenal and was the leader

This Saturday morning, River visited Arsenal in Sarandí for the fifth date of the Reserve tournament. Marcelo Escudero’s men had started the tournament with three wins and one loss for what would be an important game against Arse thinking of being among the first, since leaving points along the way would lose the chance to be a leader.

After a great performance as a visitor, El Más Grande won 2-0 with goals from Jonás Luna and Agustín Ruberto. The scoring opened in the first half through a nice goal from Luna who fought her in the area and then I was able to hit the right foot. The final goal only came 52 minutes into the second half and it was through a great left-footed finish by Agustín Ruberto.

River reached the 12-point line with this victory and was the tournament leader along with Lanús. They will precisely face Garnet on the next day, the duel will be played at the River Camp. It could become a decisive game thinking about the future and a victory for Marcelo Escudero’s team will be key.

Coletta. (Photo: Prensa River).


RIVER PLATE (2): 1-Washbasin, 2-U. Gimenez, 3-Baju, 4-Guillen, 5-Coletta, 6-Alvarez, 7-Luna, 8-Fernandez, 9-Gonzalez, 10-Echeverri and 11-Valencia. DT: Marcelo Squire.

Deputies: 12-Beltrán, 13-Monzón, 14-Rubio, 15-E. Giménez, 16-Araujo, 17-Gallardo, 18-Encinas, 19-Serrago, 20-Ruberto and 21-Moreno.

ARSENAL (0): 1-Bursich; 2-Carrión, 3-Cabrera, 4-Cabanas, 5-Maciel, 6-Álvarez, 7-Sosa, 8-Lucero, 9-Druille, 10-Brestt, 11-Méndez. DT: Dario Espinola.

Goals: PT: 18′ Jonas Luna (RP); ST: 45′ Agustin Ruberto.

River changes: Ruberto by Gonzalez, Araujo by Echeverri, Serrago by Moon, Gallardo by Fernandez and Oaks by Valencia.



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