the Medieval festival unfolds

On May 28, the Medieval will once again invade the streets of the city center. But before being able to enjoy the party, it requires long months of preparation. We take stock of the program, the call for volunteers still relevant or reservations for the banquet.

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For many months, Alain Capella and the forty members of the Médiévale have been preparing the party which will take place in the village on Sunday May 28, Pentecost Day, from 10 a.m. Griselidis and Eude, two young peasants, will serve as the red thread for the sketches which will be performed on several sites between the crossroads in the center of the village and the bridge over the Durbion. We will witness their meeting and then their marriage, the work of the washerwomen at the Faubourg washhouse, the haymaking and the end-of-season picnic, the departure for the husband’s war with fights on the island, then his feedback.

Finally, a lively banquet will begin at 7 p.m. Throughout the day, there will be a living medieval camp, entertainment for children and adults, demonstrations of combat, archery and dances, a refreshment bar and fast food. Other local associations have been asked to lend a hand.

Combat, archery and dance training takes place on Saturdays at the association’s headquarters, at 50 place de la mairie, at the Châtel-sur-Moselle dojo made available free of charge by the town hall or at the fortress of Châtel-sur-Moselle.

Reservations open

The seamstresses of the sector were called upon to make additional tents in the camp and the costumes of the volunteers hired on the day. Seamstresses and ironers who would like to join the already active team are always welcome. The association still accepts donations of fabric and haberdashery.

Outings are planned this year for the Medieval, we will be able to meet her in Châtel-sur-Moselle, Mirecourt, Rambervillers, Granges-Aumontzey and in Meurthe-et-Moselle during local events.

Reservations for the banquet (€18) will be taken until May 21 on 06 83 26 47 46 or 06 78 08 98 05.


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