The Indonesian Squad Trains at the Unfinished BAMTC 2023 Arena, Wavy Field

Putri Kusuma Wardani trains at the Dubai Exhibition Center, ahead of the 2023 Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championships.

INDOSPORT.COM – The Indonesian squad started practicing at the Dubai Exhibition Center, the venue for the 2023 Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championships (BAMTC).

After arriving in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on Saturday (11/02/23), then resting all day, the Indonesian squad was finally able to try out training on Sunday.

The BAMTC 2023 tournament itself will be held on Tuesday (14/02/23), using a format similar to the Sudirman Cup.

Unfortunately, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and friends only got one hour of practice, then alternated with other countries, and only used two fields.

What is more surprising, they practice in the midst of preparations that have not been completed. Lots of people passing by and many things the local committee is still working on.

According to the testimony of the women’s doubles coach, Eng Hian, the main court was still not ready. The condition is uneven and there are still certain parts that feel bumpy.

However, even though they only practiced for one hour on the inadequate field, the Indonesian players were admittedly very enthusiastic and enthusiastic about training ahead of the 2023 BAMTC.

“This exercise is to restore the condition of the players,” said PBSI Binpres Head, Rionny Mainaky, in Dubai.

“Indeed, only about an hour of practice. Even though it is short, this exercise is still useful for maintaining player fitness,” continued Rionny Mainaky again.

From 09.00 local time, the players practice alternately, according to their respective sectors, practicing in the match arena and in the warm-up area.


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