The BAMTC Arena Has Not Been Completed, The Indonesian Team Keeps Up with the Spirit of Training

CNN Indonesia

Sunday, 12 Feb 2023 20:16 WIB

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Anthony Ginting will be one of Indonesia’s mainstays at BAMTC 2023. (PBSI Archive)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Arena Badminton Asia Mixed Team Championship (BAMC) 2023 in Dubai has not been fully completed but the Indonesian Badminton Team is already enthusiastic about practicing.

The Indonesian Badminton Team had the opportunity to try out the competition field and practice field on Sunday (12/2). During the session, the players showed high spirits.

In general, the arena for BAMTC is not 100 percent complete. The carpet outside the badminton court has not been installed. On the sidelines of the exercise, there are still workers who complete their tasks.

“Not all of the arenas have been set up yet. The air conditioner hasn’t even been installed. So this exercise is just to restore conditions,” said Ginting as quoted from a PBSI release.

The women’s doubles coach, Eng Hian also highlighted the condition of the arena field which was considered not perfect. According to Eng Hian, the field conditions were uneven and felt bumpy in certain parts.

“Hopefully in one or two days before the match starts, this deficiency can be corrected,” said Eng Hian.

Head of PBSI Binpres Rionny Mainaky said this first training was aimed at restoring players’ fitness after a long journey from Indonesia.

“This exercise is to restore the condition of the players. Indeed, it only takes about an hour of practice. Even though it is short, this exercise is still useful for maintaining the fitness of the players,” said Rionny.



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