Scattered considerations on the new SF23 —

The hope of the Cavallino Rosso for 2023 is the logical evolution of a car that had excellent foundations, but which during the last season had been crippled by engine reliability problems.

– More than a revolution, one logical evolution. Thus we can define what many awaited with trepidation and which, on Valentine’s Day, made inroads in the morning of Maranello, daughter of what was, basically, an excellent car, at least for a good part of the first part of 2022. A completely new aerodynamic concept, born and developed on the F1-75 that slowly, many other teams are adopting on their own projects, confirming that the team of engineers directed by Enrico Cardile, after the SF70H of 2017, has once again set the standard in stylistic field. The SF23 is a direct legacy of the group under the direction of Mattia Binotto, serving it directly to the new working group of Fred Vasseur, which, at least in the first part of the year, due to inertia, will find itself managing and understanding all the dynamic functioning that already has foundations and imprints, but not its own. Very high expectations are placed in the new machine, but with the doubts that arise when a change of management occurs, with the main objective being to bring back the drivers’ and constructors’ world titles, which have been missing from Maranello for 16 and 17 years now;

– The resemblance is great, continuing the natural development of a decidedly excellent base, but which during the season was crippled by engine reliability problems which influenced results and progressive developments. Precisely from this aspect, we wanted to concentrate the work of refinement and improvements, also being able to boost the PU by about 30 HP, with results on the dyno, it is rumored, as very optimistic. As mentioned, we did not want to betray the construction philosophy, maintaining the sides carved at the top, with very thin and sinuous radiator inlets. Going against the current seen, up to now, on Red Bull and Mercedes, encountering similar interpretations on Alfa Sauber, Haas and Aston Martin. All this hides what was the real center of gravity of the project, namely the underbody components, therefore gearbox, fluid dynamics with the relative radiators, suspensions and, as mentioned, mainly the engine. The real variable that will determine the competitiveness of the new car, as a determining factor by now, will be the developments that will take place during the various Grands Prix, which, as it should be emphasized, are already programmed to coincide with the launch of the basic version. Already during the Sakhir tests, which precede the start of the season, we could already see a B version of the car, with several modifications regarding the front and rear wings;

– Another aspect that is much admired, and also highly appreciated, is the livery. A certain resemblance appears if we compare it with the 643 that took part in the 1991 world championship, while various traces of black mixed with the more or less bright shade of red, it was from the 2015 SF15-T that was not taken up. On the rear wing, with great surprise, we find that stupendous “Ferrari” writing in original characters, to inflame the hearts of the fans, to give a touch of value, belonging and passion, to the new car. Appeared in Monza, with the Modena yellow background and loudly requested, it comes back in white but in a larger size. Re-enactment of legendary cars and feats that recall and recall a distant and romantic F.1, that of the 80s, certainly more humane and within everyone’s reach. On the other hand, the sponsors concerning cryptocurrencies disappear, the historical technical ones and some new ones, from the electronic sector, remain. All this makes, as a whole, a decidedly harmonious and showy product, elegant and aggressive at the same time, in contrast to the latest shapes seen before the new 2022 regulation;

– Protagonists of the Maranelliana kermesse, the new team principal Vasseur and the two pilots, now at home, Leclerc and Sainz. The French boss is at the litmus test of his managerial career, facing an enormous challenge, but with incalculable prestige. As already mentioned, the project is already defined, but his task will be immediate, correcting the various mistakes of last season, first of all, the strategic management of the races and the progressive redefinition of the technical sector, in the past covered by Binotto at the same time to the other tasks required of a TP. Experience and camaraderie do not seem to be lacking for the former Alfa Sauber coordinator, winning ingredients in the preparatory categories for F.1, where he has collected successes and an excellent reputation everywhere. Reasonably, it will be necessary to wait several months to start summarizing his management. Charles he is called for redemption after an almost perfect start to the season, then encountering various difficulties due to human errors and technical management, to condition the continuation of the championship, which however finished in second place. The fifth year begins in Maranello, equaling Schumacher in terms of seniority, who won the title in the first five years at the Ferrari house. Much is expected of him. Carlos, unlocked after the victory at Silverstone, he wants to silence the insistent rumors that he would already be behind Leclerc, from the point of view of the first driving hierarchy, starting the season with less pressure on him than his partner, but determined to start off with his foot and harmony right with the car, a defect that marked and conditioned him in the first part of 2022. He is in his third year in the team, with a victory finally on the bulletin board that could give him a new boost and more authority. Mental solidity and teamwork are characteristics of him that have never weakened over time and on which they will always be certainties on which one can bet;

– A presentation from other times, took place in Maranello, seeking immediate contact with the public, which had been missing since the pre-pandemic era. A fast shakedown, 7 laps (the km granted by regulation outside of the tests) covered in front of the house, at Fiorano, on the small Nurburgring, as Enzo Ferrari called it. Today the presentations – also called “vernissages” – pass through the media, the armored fashion shows and the few VIP faces who can enjoy the privileges of presence, often leaving out the human component of motorsport: i tifosi It had been years since the first laps had taken place with a special and crammed grandstand located directly on the track, with the Via Abetone bridge taken by storm, or with the blackout nets hung from the fences, in the side crossbars, torn to see something, a short passage, a flash of red reflected in the eyes. It is a gift, an enhancement of the support that animates the true Ferrari heart, which has loved and suffered for too long now and which dreams, every year, at each debut, of the longed-for world title. A warm and passionate rapprochement with its audience, with its own people, to whom this machine must be dedicated, in the 76th year of its history and legend, because it, after all, is written by it, by us, who live on emotions made of victories and defeats, but always with a lot of timeless passion.


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