Reinildo breaks his knee ligament and misses the remainder of the season


The Mozambican is injured when his knee is turned and Atlético loses its best defense

Reinildo, after his injury AFP

Jose Ignacio Fernandez

Barely 20 minutes of the game had been played, when Reinildo I was trying to cover up a boarding school Valverde and it was clear that something strange had happened. In his attempt to protect the ball in the presence of Valverde, the Mozambican’s knee stuck, he made a bad turn and fell to the grass with obvious gestures of pain. With the assistance of Dr. Celada and the medical staff, it is soon seen that Reinildo cannot continue, since he tries to get up but can barely support his right leg.

After an initial exploration, the diagnosis seemed more benign: joint sprain. But after examining him more in depth at the Hospital, the worst news is confirmed: a rupture of the cruciate ligament in his right knee. Five or six months off.

In the press room Cholo Simeone He valued the injury of his footballer. “He is a very important loss, he is one of our most important players on defense. But that injury has happened to many of us, he is going to recover well because he is strong. We are going to miss him a lot because he also has a daily smile, he is always strong and he is a very fresh player, he always wears short sleeves”, the Argentine tried to joke, wishing him a very good recovery and the certainty that “he will surely It will come back stronger.”

Reinildo’s loss opens an important gap in Atlético’s defense. His natural substitute, Reguilón, is also injured and it’s up to Cholo to move the scheme. In the derby, he was Beautiful the one who occupied the side in defense of four and Carrasco when a line of five was built. The tie was expensive for the rojiblancos.


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