Pınar Karşıyaka’s stars are at the top – Basketball Sports News

Struggling for the top in the Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League, Pınar Karşıyaka’s foreigners came to the top in the league’s statistical rankings.

Transferred as the most important star of the team at the beginning of the season, guard McCollum ranked first in 3 categories in the league. The experienced basketball player occupies the first place in the scoring category both in general and on average, with 370 points scored in 17 games and an average of 21.76 per game.

McCollum, who was the MVP while he won the Eurocup championship in Galatasaray and scored 43 points in Gaziantep Basketball this season, is in the first place in the league with a total of 374 points in productivity, and in the second place in general with an average of 20.82. McCollum is second in 3-point stats with 50 total hits, and third overall with 2.9 hits per game. Delgado, the center of the Green-Reds, is the leader with 160 rebounds in 17 games, overall in the second place with 9.4 rebounds. Small forward Angola, who joined the team late, is third among the players in the league with 2.2 per game in the steals category.


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