Pachuca vs. Mazatlán: The Tuzos extend the misery of Mazatlán

Pachuca vs.  Mazatlán: The Tuzos extend the misery of Mazatlán

Even with improvements in their game, the Sinaloans lost for the sixth consecutive game, this time 3-2

The Cañoneros de Mazatlán had opportunities to give the Mexican soccer champion a good fight, but they missed clear chances and recorded their sixth loss in a row, while the Tuzos were effective against the goal and took the win.

Those now led by Rubén Omar Romano managed to score two goals against Pachuca, showing improvement in the offensive phase of their game, but they missed a couple of chances and those from Guillermo almada were effective to come out with the 3-2 win in the Kraken.

When the marking was without annotations at the start, Ariel Nahuelpán and Bryan Colula had clear chances to score, but they failed in their definition. The Argentine wanted to pump the ball when he saw the forward goalkeeper instead of approaching and defining safely; while Colula did not know how to direct the ball to the goal with the goalkeeper defeated on the other side. And Pachuca in the first one he had, he did not forgive.

It was Kevin Álvarez who put the visitors ahead in a quick counterattack, where Colula himself had to chase him to see the Tuzo goal up close.

It was in the best minutes of Mazatllán that the tie came. Andrés Anarbol took advantage of a bad start by the goalkeeper Ustari to define with the open goal and decree the 1-1. And when it seemed that Mazatlán was getting up, Pachuca scored the second. the same Kevin Álvarez defined again now with a powerful shot to make it 2-1 a few minutes after the Mazatlan tie.

With the Cañoneros thrown in front, came the third tuzo goal. Erick Daniel Sánchez took advantage of a counterattack to define from outside the area with a powerful shot. Marco Fabián scored the second goal for Mazatlán at 83, but it was already too late and there was no time for a comeback.

The Cañoneros showed signs of improvement in the second game coached by Romano, but ultimately recorded their sixth straight loss in the tournament to remain in last place. Pachuca, for its part, is consolidated at the top of the table, with a view to defending its champion title in this league.


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