Óscar Cano: “It was the game that deserved all the sportsmanship”

Óscar Cano highlighted the importance of the victory against Badajoz and the forcefulness with which it came about. The coach stressed that even the team could score more goals. “We have very high-quality players who, when they interact with each other, things like what happened today can happen. The goals could even have been many more. The disallowed goal and Lebedenko’s chance show fantastic attacking production, what makes this game the one everyone sportsmanship deserved”, summed up the blue and white coach. “It is, above all, the confirmation that this team can play very well at soccer. We knew it was going to be a difficult game because we presumed that they were going to close with five players, four ahead and one up front. Our concern was how we were going to score, since they had not conceded many so far, ”he added about the team’s performance.

The victory against Badajoz, added to the one last week in Talavera and the positive dynamics carried by the blue and white team, lead Cano to affirm that they are in the best moment of the season. “Today’s result proves it. It is a clear warning that this is so. Especially away from home we didn’t add 6 points, but 4 out of 6… The other day all the media remembered that there was only one intervention by Mackay. He has stopped more today than in the two away from home. You have to watch the games. Sometimes you don’t win, but you watch the games and they announce that there may be victories”, reflected the sports coach.

The result is even closer to Deportivo to the head and places him among the top contenders. “We are in the fight, in the list of teams that are fighting for the lead. We cannot openly say that we are leaders because in just 25 minutes we could stop being one. It depends on the results. The important thing is to win, for the team to produce and know how to play against all teams. Away from home we are improving and at home, with our fans and the quality we have, we are practically unstoppable. All these signs invite us to optimism and make us believe that we are clear candidates to win the competition”, argued Cano.

The blue and white coach also highlighted the contribution of the players who started from the bench. “I have more than 20 players in my squad and today Barcia and Diego came [Gómez]. We have full confidence in everyone, but I’m not here to make friends, as Ancelotti says. Although I run the risk of being wrong, we always seek victory for Dépor. I’m left with everyone’s enthusiasm, not only from the boys from the quarry, but also from the others. Look at Saverio, look at the hand in hand he has had. We are talking about a player who has played 30 games in the Second Division, but as soon as he wakes up, you can see his quality. He has scored an incredible goal in a difficult situation. Everybody’s plugged in, including our captain [Álex Bergantiños], who has demonstrated a masterclass on how to handle the final minutes. He has known how to accelerate when necessary, or give the correct pass when everyone wanted to attack to avoid mistakes, ”he highlighted about the minutes of the players who came off the bench.


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