Madrid has a striker: Álvaro Rodríguez crushes Venezuela

A comfortable victory for Uruguay to close the qualification for the U20 World Cup in Indonesia. An Álvaro Rodríguez in a state of grace leads the Uruguayan victory against a blurred Venezuela. Coloccini’s approach did not last very long, leaving at half-time with a huge difference of two goals. Uruguay now awaits a possible puncture from Brazil to assume the sole leadership of the South American sub20.

La Vinotinto would start dominating the match in the early stages. A medium-distance shot from Velasco Segovia would swell Coloccini’s men with passion, although in the end everything built in the first minutes would end up falling like a house of cards. Venezuela wanted the leading role, but the referee would not be willing to help. A dubious penalty on Fabricio González it would help Celeste overcome her red-tinged fury.

The goal from the fateful point would not crumble the morale of Venezuela, still hoping to get back into the fight. The Brazilian referee himself would reach out to the Venezuelan team for it, trying to amend his mistake. Alcócer He would drop into the area for the referee to award the maximum penalty, a penalty that the Venezuelan himself would end up putting. The joy of the tables would last rather short in Coloccini’s painting. alvaro rodriguezwith the bravery of a ‘Bull’, he would take advantage of a bad clearance from the Venezuelan defense to score at will from the small area just a minute later. Rodríguez’s show would only begin.

Coloccini could not believe the show from the band. Although Venezuela tried to stand up, the tactic of trying shots from medium distance did not last very long in the Colombian green. Uruguay was solid when it came to stopping the attempts of Telasco Segoviathe Sampdoria player carrying the team on his back, but one player is never enough.

Almost at the end of the first part Sosa managed to close the match. With a bit of luck and with the help of the misplacement of Benitez, the winger took a shot with effect whose bounce ended up putting the talented Vinotinto goalkeeper in trouble. The man from Caracas FC had to go out to the locker room being consoled by his teammates. An error does not stain the great performance harvested throughout the tournament.

The second part had a script with more light blue and white color. Uruguay was not satisfied with the result, being encouraged by Broli to give the touch of grace to a very doubtful Venezuela. Álvaro García touched the fourth on both occasions, but Benítez and the bad aim did not give up to sing the goal. As the saying goes: “The one to follows her, get her”, and how the Madrid striker achieved it.

The ‘9′ charrúa threw the uncheck to take advantage of the long pass from his home in peacock bass. Without taking his eye off the ball and with his peephole fixed in the Vinotinto goal, the ‘killer’ would take the blow without the ball bouncing to beat Benítez again. The Venezuelan goalkeeper could do little to stop a runaway Álvaro, touched by a wand throughout the competition.

Uruguay leaves its homework done to assume the leadership of the hexagonal of the South American sub20. Brazil will not have it easy to break down the ‘Álvaro Rodríguez effect’. Broli’s men take another step in the struggle with the five-time champion and leave their final candidacy to take the trophy to the Complejo Celeste. Those of Mano Menezes will not have it easy in this exciting sub20.



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