Liga MX: Puebla defeats Mazatlán and ruins Romano’s debut as coach

Liga MX: Puebla defeats Mazatlán and ruins Romano’s debut as coach

The team of Puebla to arrived at Cuauhtemoc Stadium with the intention of ruining the debut of Ruben Omar Romano on the bench of Mazatlan, which was the case, since only 45 minutes were enough to achieve it. Those of the Strip defeated the Gunboats 3-1and so the Argentine coach starts off on the wrong foot against the Cañoneros.

Barely at minute 10 the movement started on the scoreboard. A couple of long strokes left the stocky striker Memo Martinez with the ball in the large area behind the goal; he held the ball and pulled the defense mark to serve Pablo Vinewho with the path clear and in front of the goal shot with his first intention to score from below.

Mazatlán did not get up, and the locals pressed to score again. In a diagonal free kick, and with a couple of head touches included, Martínez himself was left alone in front of the open goal without a goalkeeper; he pushed and he scored the second just at 26given the fragility of the saga.

And at minute 38, the big mistake that decreed the Mazatlan fall came. In a corner kick the defense loosened up again and it would be Emanuel Gularte who would finish off with a header, but his shot was weak and to the center; when he looked like the goalie Nicholas Vikonis he would take the ball with ease, it slipped through his hands and entered the goal.

Thus, all hope of getting back on the scoreboard was squandered.

For the second period, Puebla only endured the match; In the final stretch the goal of the Ivorian fell Let’s Speak after a corner kick al 85but the fall was already sentenced.



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