Learn about the friendly matches of Venezuela prior to the 2023 World Classic

On March 8, the Venezuelan team will play its first friendly game in preparation for the 2023 World Baseball Classic, when it faces the current Major League Baseball (MLB) champions, the Houston Astros, in a match to be played at the Astros complex in West Palm Beach, Miami.

The second meeting will be the following day, at Clover Park, located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. That day, Venezuela will be taking on the New York Mets, one of the sensational teams of the season in the Major Leagues.

These games will serve as preparation for the selection, and thus be able to arrive with the appropriate rhythm of play, to the World Baseball Classic.

In this way, Venezuela continues to refine details for what will be the 2023 World Baseball Classic, where the national team will share a group with the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Israel and Nicaragua. The team will meet on March 6, at the Houston Astros complex in Miami, to face the Dominican Republic on March 11.

Source: International Agency



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