Jucopo summons Santiago Creel to explain his actions with the military in San Lázaro – El Sol de México

The Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) quoted Santiago Creelpresident of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputiesto a meeting tomorrow to explain his performance during the installation of the General advice, that marks the start of the regular period, in which he prevented armed soldiers from entering the meeting room to pay homage to the flag

At a press conference, Ignacio Mier Velascopresident of the Jucoporeported that the board considered it necessary to listen to Santiago Creel before venting any request for removal made by deputies of the labor party and Morena on February 2, one day after the incident.

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“We decided that we should listen to it before making a legal decision based on what is established by the regulation and the law. Tomorrow we are inviting you to come and talk with us, with the JPolitical Coordination Board and define a route for the good of the Congress and for the specific good of the Chamber of Deputies”, he indicated.

At a press conference after the one given byr Mier Velazco, Santiago Creel It agreed that the meeting will aim to clarify what happened on February 1 and agree on a protocol for the installation of the General Council to avoid future “misunderstandings.”

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Regarding the accusations that he sought “electoral leadership” with his actions that were constant during the regular session of February 2, the president of the Board of Directors said that his opinions are issued as a federal opposition deputy and as president of the Chamber of Deputies , for which he assured that he is not prevented from making pronouncements.


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