“I play liberated”, says Jordan Lotomba, two days before the reception of Reims

Successful since the arrival of Didier Digard on the Nice bench, Jordan Lotomba appeared in front of the press, this Thursday, two days before the reception of Reims (this Saturday, 5:05 p.m.).

Jordan, we have never seen you so strong with Nice…

Yes it’s clear. I’m in very good shape, I’m enjoying the performance of the team. When we remember where we were a month ago… I play liberated, I let go.

Is it also the Didier Digard paw?

We already knew the coach. He gives me a lot of confidence, pushes my limits. He is tactically strong, close to us. I have a very good feeling with him. His game plan is always very precise. Sometimes it asks me to come inside the game, it varies. It’s always consistent with and without the ball. The approach is different.

What are the objectives for this end of the season?

We want to stretch our series, continue to win our matches. We are ambitious, but also humble. We remember where we come from. At the moment, we fight more for each other, it pays off.

Left or right, which is your preference?

I’m versatile, it’s easier for me to play on the right. I’m at the service of the team, whatever.


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