How much is Oscar Cortés worth? Millionaires is asking for a lot of money to sell it

In the press they revealed how much they would ask for millionaires to sell to Oscar Cortes and the figure would amount to several million dollars. Taking advantage of the good moment that the young striker lives in the Colombia U-20 teamthe ‘Ambassador’ would seek to get a good profit from the player.

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On the afternoon of February 7, 2023, during the broadcast of the program ‘The Vbar’ of Snail Radio, the journalist Diego Rueda, one of the best informed in the country, revealed that offers for Óscar Cortés have already arrived to Millionaires. But that was not all, because Rueda also counted how much the amount that the ‘Ambassador’ would ask to sell the talented attacker would rise.

“There are already offers for Óscar Cortés… But, whoever wants it, must put five million”, Diego Rueda

*See from the hour 1:14:00

Óscar Cortés is breaking it in the South American Sub-20 Championship.

Since the 2023 U-20 South American Championship began, Óscar Cortés has been one of the most outstanding players on the Colombian national team. Cortés, the undisputed starter in Héctor Cárdenas’ scheme, has played all the games and scored three goals. It should be noted that ‘La Tricolor’ has played seven games so far, four in the group stage and three in the final hexagonal.

On February 9, 2023, the Colombian team will face its fourth game in the final hexagonal. The duel will be against Brazil, which has a perfect score and is practically qualified for the World Cup in this category, and will begin at 8:00 PM (Colombian time) at the El Campín Stadium in Bogotá.

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