How much do they get for Daniel Ruiz?

Betplay League

The winger was loaned by Millonarios, with a purchase option, to Santos from Brazil.

Daniel Ruíz in Millionaires.
Photo: Millionaires FC

The Daniel Ruiz operation is the news of the moment in the Betplay League, in Brazilian soccer and, happily, in the Tournament, where it all began and as far as the flashes of the brilliant Bogota winger will go.

Ruiz is in Brazilian territory at this time, signing the documentation for what could be a record transfer for Colombian football: he was loaned out for one year, with a million-dollar purchase option subject to meeting objectives, from Millonarios to Santos de Brazil.


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The blue says goodbye to one of its sporting and economic bastions, since at 21 years old the talented left-hander was the jewel in the crown in terms of transfers, in a deal that closed the player, eager to make the leap to international football, to blue and eye team, also to the first one who believed in him, to Fortaleza CEIF, from Primera B.

The move was brilliant: when the winger began to shine in the blue, he formally transferred it in exchange for $350,000, but keeping 20 percent of the rights in future transfers. With one detail: of that 20 percent that he reserved for himself, 70 percent is from the club and 30 from the player.

Today the numbers of the Brazil operation almost give us chills: it will be 4 million dollars distributed in 700 thousand for the one-year assignment and 3.3 million at the end of that period as a purchase option, subject to meeting objectives.

It means that, in the best of cases, that is, with the player standing out at Santos and convincing the managers to pay out the agreed amount, there will be two moments of generous income for Fortaleza.

The first is for the transfer of 700,000 dollars, from which there are two mandatory expenses: the 8 percent that by FIFA regulations corresponds to the soccer player (more or less 56,000 dollars) and the 5 percent of the solidarity fund (about 36,000 dollars). , of which a part belongs to Fortaleza as a training club). That leaves the figure at something close to $600,000 for the loan.

It means then that there would be around $120,000 left to distribute about $85,000 for the club and about $36,000 for the player only in what has to do with the loan. But beware that tax and intermediary expenses still need to be added, which until now have not been specified by Millionaires to Fortaleza: the information that has been known has not been between clubs but by the media.

Afterwards, if the 3.3 million dollars of the definitive sale to Santos are paid, the accounts are more than promising: subtracting the mandatory payment expenses to the player and the solidarity fund, there would be about 575,000 dollars that would go around 400 thousand to the coffers of Fortaleza and about 175 thousand to the player. Here, of course, it is also necessary to calculate the costs of taxes and intermediaries.

For Fortaleza CIES, the bet for a player discarded in Atlético Nacional and consolidated in Millionaires would have a remuneration close to 500,000 dollars, plus the 350,000 that it already invoiced in the sale to the albiazul club. If all goes as it is and he arrives in Europe before the age of 23, the numbers will continue to grow. Are the Amix happy? Wait soon on your social networks for the official response…


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