Guardiola’s threat to Manchester City: “If you lie to me…”

The problems begin to accumulate Manchester City. After hearing the complaint for financial fraud from the Premier Leaguefrom England point out that Pep Guardiola He will leave the club if there is an important sporting sanction: it is likely that the champions will be demoted once the evaluation of the independent commission is finished.

In May 2022When asked about the accusations made by several Premier League clubs about the financial cheating City had committed, Guardiola was blunt: “I defend the club and the board because I work with them. When they accuse them of something, I ask them to tell me about the case. Then they explain it to me and I believe them.” Of course, the Catalan warned: “If you are lying to me, I will leave and I will no longer be your friend”.

A threat that is gaining strength these days. The former Barcelona coach renewed with the English team in November until 2025trusting the directive’s word: Ferran Soriano, Jorge Chumillas and company. The club has been surprised by the Premier League’s accusations and will not comment further until the independent commission deliberates and decisions are made.

It is hard to believe that there will not be an exemplary sanction. All the details of the investigation accusing City of infringing the championship’s financial rules up to a hundred times have not yet come to light, but leaks from Football Leaks a few months ago offer an idea of ​​it.

The sponsorship of Etihad Airlinesvalued at 71 million euros, is nothing more than a sum contributed to the Manchester team by the owner of the City Football Group, that is, Abu Dhabi. Football Leaks also pointed out that Robert Mancini, a coach between 2009 and 2013 and who won the 2011 Premier, would have received most of his salary through a fictitious contract through consultancy. The Premier’s investigation covers nine years: from 2009 to 2018.


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