Fan Engagement 2023: January’s 10 initiatives in the Sport Industry

Our analysis of the best initiatives of Fan Engagement in the Sport Industry continues also in 2023.

In addition to the restart of the national soccer championships after the Qatar 2022 World Cup, January was the month of the first Grand Slam tournament in tennis with the Australian Open and the month of approach to two major US sporting events such as the Super Bowl of the NFL and the All Star Game of the NBA.

The exploration of metaverso in various forms and the evolution of the fan figure from simple to spectator to protagonist of one’s sport experience they continue to represent the major trends of fan engagement activities also in the new year.

Below is the list of the 10 Fan Engagement initiatives of January 2023.

  1. Jack Grealish wears Gucci in the metaverse
  2. NBA All World: augmented reality, the new frontier of gaming
  3. The partnership between the NBA and Meta revolutionizes the way of experiencing basketball
  4. The Wolverhampton stadium experience in virtual reality
  5. The Argentine Football Federation is betting strongly on the metaverse: after The Sandbox there is Upland
  6. Riyadh Super Cup: first goal ball up for auction
  7. Sparta Prague’s latest innovation: a bodycam to immerse fans in the game
  8. Manchester City runs towards the metaverse. The initiative in collaboration with Sony
  9. The Australian Open lands on Roblox
  10. Uniting fans through the power of music: Adidas presents the MLS Match 2023 ball

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