“Experiencing a world title in France would give me immense emotion”

Already double world champion of the giant in 2013 and 2017, the Frenchwoman, for her last Worlds at 33, dreams of a beautiful last dance in front of her audience.

Our special correspondent in Méribel

Even if she did not confirm that she would stop at the end of the season, Tessa Worley clearly hinted that these World Championships in Méribel would be the last of her long and magnificent career, symbolized by two world titles in giant (2013 and 2017) and two small crystal globes of the discipline in 2017 and last year. A last one that she would like in apotheosis, and why not this Wednesday in super G (11:30 a.m.), a discipline where she has obtained good results this season (4th at St-Anton).

Tessa, what is your assessment of your season before tackling these World Championships in Courchevel and Méribel?
Tessa Worley : I have a somewhat mixed picture because since the start of the season, I have experienced ups and downs. I had the feeling of gaining strength during the whole month of December but afterwards, I had to manage fatigue and heavy sequences. Suddenly, I suffered a bit physically and I was not at the level I was hoping for during several races. And then there were the last two giants at Kronplatz (5th and 6th) which did me good, especially mentally.

Before these last two races, we almost had the feeling that you were more comfortable in super-G than in giant. Is this also your feeling?
Yes, at some point, if we only looked at the reality of the results, that’s for sure. Then there are other things to look at too. In super-G, I had a very good race in particular at St-Anton at the beginning of January (4th) and behind it I had two other races (12th and 20th) in which I missed small details to really get before. As a giant, I especially had a very complicated weekend at Kranjska Gora (27th and 18th). Now, from there to say that it is my current level, I do not think. It’s just two races that didn’t go the way I wanted, but when I ski I feel good. I just need to keep working on my confidence.

It is a place that I really like and that inspires me enormously.

Tessa Worley

You have gained a lot of confidence in Courchevel-Méribel in recent years with many places in the Top 4…
Yes, even if most of them were on the Courchevel World Cup stages, where only the men’s events will take place. Nevertheless, there was a nice giant final last year in Méribel where I finished 4th. And it is a track on which I have been able to ski several times, which I like. It is a place that I really like and that inspires me enormously.

What would a third world title mean to you?
Above all, I run for the emotions of the present moment and in this context, experiencing a world title in France, that would give me immense chills. It would be an intense moment of sharing with my loved ones, my supporters. Responding to a major event in France makes me want to, it gives me a lot of adrenaline. It’s a goal that I definitely want to achieve. Afterwards, in my career, it would be wonderful to add such a line to my list. Even if today, what matters to me is to run while giving myself the maximum. I want to take advantage of every moment and every opportunity to perform well. But I don’t feel lack, which is rather to my advantage. I am already running with the pride of having accomplished many things.

French world champions

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Would a world title here be decisive in your choice to continue your career or not?
Honestly, I don’t really know… If that happens, maybe I’ll have a feeling that can come over me. They say that when you get to the end, you feel it, physically and mentally. It’s a decision that must be made naturally, and I don’t believe that a world title here is decisive. Clearly, my desire and my motivation will be the two most important factors.

On these Worlds, the chances of a podium in the French women’s team rest mainly on you and Romane Miradoli. Do you feel the weight of expectations about you?
I’ve been talking about this for some time now, and it hasn’t stopped me from doing anything. It’s not really heavy in my eyes. On the other hand, for a year or two, I feel a real emulation in the France team with girls who are starting to gain confidence and dare. I feel that there is a real progression and suddenly, it gives a positive energy to everyone. Afterwards, personally, it is obvious that I would be under pressure, if only because the competition takes place in France. Besides, I would put pressure on myself because I want to be efficient on D-Day. stronger. We talked about it previously but the World Cup stages in Courchevel really did me a lot of good in this regard.



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