Eric Johnson, former NFL and Oakland Raiders player, arrested for human trafficking


The former lineman, with six seasons of experience, between 2000 and 2005, was arrested in Atlanta, where he also faces gang-related charges.

© 2003 Getty Images, Getty Images North AmericaEric Johnson, former Oakland Raiders player

A gigantic problem is the one you are facing Eric Johnsonformer player of National Football League (NFL)with past recognized in Oakland Raidersafter being arrested by the Gwinnett County Police, in Georgia, for human trafficking.

The former defensive lineman was arrested as part of a gang called LOTTOalong with eight other people, on charges of human trafficking for sexual servitudeviolation of the street gang terrorism and prevention law, conspiracy to violate the law of corrupt and gangster-influenced organizationsaggravated assault and kidnapping.

As described by the Attorney General Chris CarrJohnson and the other arrestees are charged with conducting 41 predicate and overt acts committed between October 2021 and July 2022, keeping women under their control through violenceand holding them against their will forcing them to have sex in exchange for money”.

Former NFL player arrested for human trafficking

Specifically, the former athlete faces charges for misconduct Law of Corrupt and Influenced Organizations by Mafiosos (RICH in English), human trafficking for sexual exploitation and violation of the Street Gang Prevention and Terrorism Act.

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Johnson played for the Raiders between 2000 and 2003, where he even played in Super Bowl XXXVII, then went through Atlanta Falcons (2004) y Arizona Cardinals (2005), ending his NFL career in 2006, later moving to the Arena Football League (AFL)where he was in Georgia Force.



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