Córdoba prepares for its debut in the Federal League

Club Básquetbol Córdoba will make its home debut in the third category of Argentine basketball tonight against Miter de Posadas starting at 10 p.m. on its court, Dr. Mariano Andino Igarzabal.

While waiting for the start of the tournament, the president of the institution, Sebastián Verrastro, declared: “For us it is a pride that everyone in our team is a Corrientes player, that is what we set out to do, defend the Corrientes player.”

For his part, Ignacio Marcó, one of the brand new reinforcements this season and the current team captain, spoke about the state of the squad and the work done during the preseason. “We have been training very intensely since the start of the year. I see a very good team, we are a nice group, there are many young people, we have a lot of energy and also a great desire to compete.”

Marcó also referred to his role as captain and his feeling when playing for Federal. “Assuming the responsibility of being the captain is a very nice challenge for me. It’s the first time I’ve had to do it, so I’m going to do my best.” In addition, he said: “It is the second time that I am going to play this tournament that is very competitive, it is a nice opportunity, for which I am very happy.”

If there is a player on the squad who knows what it means to wear the rojiblanco shirt, it is Ricardo Marturet. The 32-year-old power forward talked about the preparation of the team and what is happening in the club days after playing again in the important national basketball fields. “We are all anxious, it was seen in the friendly matches, the boys played at a very good level, so we are going to do our best. A good group was put together, we are going to fulfill the objective of the club and the leadership, which is to participate and leave everything on the field, carry the club up high as we always do”.

In turn, Marturet commented on what playing this competition generates for him: “Playing Federal with my club, where I grew up, learned to play basketball and where I spent many beautiful moments of my life is something unique. I’m trying to enjoy the games to the fullest. training sessions, being available to the coaching staff for matches, I’m experiencing it with great emotion, especially with joy”.

The player who emerged from the red, spoke about his journey in the club of his loves: “Córdoba is my second home, with that I summarize everything. I spent the best moments from when I was little until now when I am growing up, which is the best, I know It gives me goosebumps when I speak. I would give everything, if I can’t be as a player I’ll also be outside, as one more fan, forever in the Córdoba club”.

Finally, he added: “At the age that I am, having the opportunity to defend the colors that I love so much is a source of pride. With Nicolás Kupervaser we are the only ones who have been there since we were little. I hope this works for the little ones, that they begin to encourage and that they can stay here to continue developing”.

Source: Córdoba Basketball Club Press.



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