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A COPA Football has just announced its first partnership with a Brazilian team, the Vasco da Gamawho won a retro collection with four special pieces.

The release features three soccer jerseys, reminiscent of iconic teams that made history in the 70s and 80s, as well as a jacket, which are already available at the brand’s online store, and will soon be sold by the club. Check it out below!

Photos: Publicity/COPA

black retro shirt 1970

Vasco da Gama’s retro shirt inspired by the year 1970, has as its great motto, the arrival of the club’s greatest idol and top scorer, Roberto Dinamite, who started training with the team this year and would make his debut in 1971.

white retro shirt 1975

In 1975, Vasco was the current Brazilian champion and had players like Dinamite, Andrada, Fred, Joel Santana, Edu Antunes and Ademir in its squad. The reserve mantle used that season won a remake of the European store.

1985 black retro shirt

In the 1985 season, the Vasco team had stars like Mazinho, Donato and Geovani, but it also marked the debut of one of the biggest names in Brazilian football, the short Romário. The mantle recalls that year, including the addition of the Golden Cross logo, which sponsored the team.

80’s Jacket


The 1980s were a very successful decade for Vasco da Gama, as they won 13 state titles and a few more international titles, in addition to their second Brazilian title in 1989. The jacket recalls the style worn by players back then with the red cross on the chest and the name applied on the back.

The Copa Football special collection for Vasco da Gama is on sale at the brand’s official store and you can check it out by clicking here!

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