BTH ’86 (Badminton Theam HALLE) decides to stop Castaar International

Traditionally, the Castaar International was on the badminton calendar on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 February ’23. However, the club board is forced to stop its organization.

Decreasing enthusiasm
The Halse international tournament was the successor of the many national editions organized by BTH ’86 since the mid-2000s. In the heyday, more than 400 players found their way to Halle every year to give the best of themselves during two full tournament days. “For several years now, however, there has been much less enthusiasm for tournaments in badminton Belgium and we see registrations decreasing everywhere. Many tournaments give up because it is no longer profitable for the clubs to organize them.” says tournament director Arno De Witte.

Much is due to a change in player behavior. Badminton is still on the rise, but players no longer want to spend a full weekend in a sports hall.

Investing in youth

BTH ’86 has an active youth organization and also sees the enthusiasm present among its players when it comes to tournament participation. That is why the club board has decided to replace the adult tournament with the organization of a youth tournament. “Tournament sponsor Castaar has given its commitment to continue the current sponsorship contract and to continue to support the club. We have been working well together for a few seasons now and Castaar and subsidiary Stiksel are a reliable marketing agency partner that always delivers great work and always meets their agreements.” Says Kevin Van Cutsem, responsible for sponsorship and secretary of Badminton team Halle ’86. “As a club we can be happy with our commercial partners. Without them, it is very difficult for a sports club to survive given the rising operating costs. Fortunately, we have a lot of successes with our recreational, youth and competition players, so that our club remains on the map even without an international tournament.”

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