Arturo Reyes cleared up doubts about his continuity in Junior: What will he do?

The coach referred to the defeat against Pasto and the difficult moment the team is experiencing.

Atlético Junior does not raise its head in the Colombian league and this Saturday suffered a new defeat. Sebastián Viera signed up as a hero, scoring a clean sheet, but towards the end of the game a penalty was awarded that ended in a goal by Edward López.

In the post-match press conference, coach Arturo Reyes was constantly asked about his continuity in the shark. At least his wish is to continue and he is already thinking about the next game. Everything will depend on the decisions made by the directives.

“The result has been unfair to us and the team did a job to get a result from here and it is normal that in a situation like this there is a lot of pressure. I continue to trust this group of players and the work we are doing, we hope reverse it as of next Thursday,” Reyes said.

And he added that “Unfortunately things did not turn out as we had thought. There is a bit of anxiety in our players and all the games, with the exception of Rionegro, we have had options and some of them are very clear, we are failing in this aspect. We as the coaching staff have to try to change in the next game”.

He showed a clear position on his continuity in Junior. He does not leave unless the board so decides. “It’s not my decision, my thing is to try to improve and get results. It will be the decision of the directors.”

About what’s coming for the rojiblanco team, Reyes mentioned: “We want to review the game with the group of players and see what we did well and what we didn’t, draw conclusions and simply think about improving and putting all our energy into the next game against an opponent difficult as Equity”.


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