a female coach poses as a 14-year-old girl

Scandal of great proportions in the lower categories of American basketball. A team is at the center of the hurricane because it incorporated one of its coaches into a children’s tournament, with 14-year-old players, with the aim of distorting the competition and winning the contest.

A decision that has caused a stir in the competition environment and also in that of the teams involved, since the coach has been fired for this very serious irregularity. The event occurred in a school league in which one team, the offender, had to play against another that was a priori in level much higher.

For this reason, they decided that at a given moment in the match, and taking advantage of the coach’s childlike appearance and her short stature, she would enter the match to assert her greater physical power, her greater speed and her greater strength. everything happened in Portsmouthin it state of virginia.

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The offender is Arlisha Boykins, who has had to explain himself to his own team and who has already left the discipline of the club after this terrible scandal. At one point in the match, he decided to put on the shirt of one of the girls who was absent from the match and jump onto the pitch to try to win the match played by the teams from Churchland High JV y Nansemond River JV.

The young woman, 22 years old and 8 years older than the players who were competing, decided to jump onto the court to try to win the match. Despite the fact that the coach did not enjoy a great height, the physical and technical differences for the practice of basketball were notable, so much so that the contest was distorted in a few minutes. Boykins managed to take over the party quickly.

The coach, with the number ‘1’ on her back, gave an authentic recital and sublimated that of ‘playing with children’, scoring several points in a row, distributing several assists and demonstrating her power in plays such as blocks, blocks and rebounds. There where the most powerful and corpulent players make the difference.

The images that have emerged from the match also show how at times he shows his good hand from the free throw line or even collides and charges several rival players, who were between 14 and 15 years old.

The serious consequences

The father of the girl who did not play the game and who left her place to the coach was surprised by the decision that the team and the coach herself had made: “Coaches always preach to children about integrity and that kind of thing So I was surprised.” In addition, he assured that neither he nor his daughter could attend the game because they were out of town and that no one asked them if they agreed with this identity theft.

Both Arlisha Boykins and the team’s head coach have been fired for carrying out this conduct. As if that were not enough, the scandal has had greater consequences and that is that the young woman and her family have requested a public apology from the team managers, which they have already abandoned permanently. And even the team itself made the decision to withdraw from the competition, a fact that they announced through an official statement.

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“Churchland administration held a parent-player meeting with the junior and varsity teams. At the meeting, players from both teams expressed that they did not want to continue this season. The teams’ remaining opponents and officials have been notified.”

Perhaps most striking of all is that despite this manifest irregularity, the victory of the offending team was by only two points (47-45) of rent. A triumph that, logically, has already changed owners after the measures adopted.



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