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Penarol defeated Aguada 83-74 at the close of the 18th date of the Uruguayan Basketball League and achieved a golden point to escape relegation.

A remove five points forced Peñarol to run from behind in the tournament and despite having a streak of nine wins and seven lossesthe same mark as Goes and Trouville, who are fifth and sixth, respectively.

Charles Thomas scored 27 points but injured his right knee. Rodney Green took over after the scoring and scored 25.

Check out the full game stats here.

as far as he could tell Referee, Thomas woke up this Thursday without knee discomfort and asked not to have an MRI, but the club’s healthcare team chose to perform it the same in the afternoon.

Peñarol was one point behind Olimpia, of poor campaign, and it also seeks to catch up with Defensor Sporting, which improved at the hands of Gonzalo Fernández after a very poor performance under the command of Daniel Seoane, Urunday Universitario and Urupan.

Next Tuesday, at 8:30 p.m. at the Peñarol Palace, the aurinegro will play against Defensor Sportinga direct rival in the lower zone.

The following Friday will be measured with Goes in Plaza de las Misiones, on Monday the 30th Trouville in Trouville, on February 2 with Larre Borges at the Palace, on February 11 with biguá in Biguá, on February 14 with Olympiad in Olympia, on February 17 with Malvín home and after the stoppage for the last window of the Uruguayan team for the Qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup, it will be measured on March 3 against Urunday University of visitor.

Peñarol needs to win six more games than its direct rivals in relegation in a tournament that is very even.

The last two go down. The first five go directly to the playoffs to play the quarterfinals and those located from sixth to 11th place will play a play-in to complete the other three classified to the quarterfinals.

Peñarol aspires to break free and reach the play-in. But the season has been a permanent uphill.

Hebrew Maccabi 28 17 11 6 1443 1337 106
biguá 27 15 12 3 1346 1252 94
watery 27 17 10 7 1412 1358 54
National 26 17 9 8 1342 1326 16
Goes 25 16 9 7 1325 1295 30
Trouville 24 16 9 7 1404 1442 -38
Larre Borges 24 17 7 10 1408 1464 -56
Malvín 24 17 7 10 1367 1403 -36
Urupan 22 16 6 10 1301 1306 -5
Urunday University 22 16 6 10 1244 1243 1
Defensor Sporting 22 16 6 10 1245 1313 -68
Olympiad 21 16 5 11 1175 1294 -119
Penarol 20 16 9 7 1263 1242 21

the 18th date

Malvín 97-98 Trouville
Urunday University 89-63 Hebrew Macabi
Larre Borges 64-82 Defender Sporting
Day 84-74 National
Penarol 83-74 Aguada
Free: Biguá

The 19th date begins this Thursday

Trouville-Urunday Universitario, Thursday, 8:30 p.m. in Trouville
Defensor Sporting-Olimpia, Friday, 8:30 p.m. in Welcome
Goes-Larre Borges, Friday, 8:30 p.m. in Goes
Hebraica Macabi-Urupan, Friday, 8:30 p.m. in Larre Borges
Aguada-Malvín, Saturday, 7:15 p.m. in Aguada (televised)
Biguá-Peñarol, February 11 in Biguá
Free date: National

Biguá lost to Minas and must go to win in Santiago del Estero

Santiago Moglia

Biguá lost conclusively on Wednesday against Minas, in Belo Horizonte, at the close of the second window of group B of the Basketball Champions League Americas.

El Pato lost 90-61 one day after achieving a wonderful victory against Quimsa by 102-83.

Quimsa leads with seven points, Minas has six and Biguá five.

The last and definitive window will be played from February 3 to 5 in Santiago del Estero. El Pato will travel forced to win both games to qualify. Against Quimsa they are 1-1 and against Minas 0-2 in games played, so if they are even they can only eliminate Quimsa and for that they need the Argentines to also lose against Minas.


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