Werder Bremen: “Bullshit” victory against Murcia: Ole Werner becomes a rage | Sports

Werder starts the year 2023 with a friendly win – and with a thick tie!

Bremen beat the hosts in front of 150 fans in the Pinatar Arena Real Murcia 2-0 (2-0) and are very angry about the referee team around Jorge Díaz Escudero. Especially coaches Before the break, Ole Werner kept complaining to the referee and one of his assistants about offside decisions and too hard duels by the Spaniards.

Werner: “Bullshit, bullshit. It doesn’t make any sense to play if you’re doing your job like this.” There’s no point in playing when you’re doing your job like that.”

What a scene! Ronaldo’s dream goal right in the first training session

Werner becomes a rager!

After the game, Werder’s coach explained his frustration: “In friendlies you have to expect that patriotism will come through on the whistle. I would have preferred a different referee. But we survived the battle.”

His players offered a solid performance against the third division with the players Miku and Zeidane (that’s really what they’re called) without shining. In the end, Werner was happy. Niclas Füllkrug did not have a great moment in his first appearance after the World Cup, but was uninjured despite a hard kick from Piña. And midfield contender Manuel Mbom made a 20-minute comeback more than eight months after his Achilles tendon rupture.

Four professionals were not there: Stage (knee problems) and Dinkci trained individually, the ailing Friedl and Veljkovic (both infections) stayed at the hotel.

How Werder played (HZ 1): Zetterer – Salifou, Stark, Dietrich – Weiser, Groß Jung – Schmidt Bittencourt – Füllkrug, Berger.

How Werder played (2.HZ): Pavlenka – Schröder, Pieper, Chiarodia – Rosenboom, Gruev, Buchanan – Schmidt (70.Mbom), Schmid – Ducksch, Burke.

Tore: 1:0 Schmidt (12.), 2:0 Berger (26.).


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