Vibrant match, but without a winner! Junior and Medellín signed the tie


Junior: Sebastian Viera; Walmer Pacheco, Homer Martinez, Jose Ortiz, Edwin Herrera; Didier Moreno, Léider Berdugo (Carlos Sierra 44′), Léider Berrío (Vladimir Hernández 46′), Juan Fernando Quintero; Luis González (Brayan León 74′), Carlos Bacca.
Coach: Arturo Reyes.

Medellín: Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo; Jonathan Marulanda, Jhon Palacios, Andrés Cadavid, Daniel Londoño (Yulián Gómez 72′); Daniel Torres, Andrés Ricaurte (David Loaiza 86′), Edwuin Cetré (Emerson Batalla 65′), Éver Valencia (Felipe Pardo 72′); Andrés Ibargüen, Luciano Pons.
Coach: Dave Gonzalez.

goals: 1-0 mins 59 Carlos Bacca; 1-1 Mins 79 Felipe Pardo.

reprimanded: Edwin Herrera (Junior), Edwuin Cetré (Medellín), Daniel Londoño (Medellín), Carlos Bacca (Junior), Homer Martínez (Junior), Felipe Pardo (Medellín), Andrés Cadavid (Medellín), Andrés Ibargüen (Medellín), Brayan Leon (Junior).

Key moments:

23’Looked for Junior. ‘Cariaco’ hooked and took a left-footed shot, but the ball went wide.

26′ Medellin replied. Collective play that ended in a shot from Ibargüen, Viera made a save and on the rebound a ‘shark’ player rejected.

37 & # 39; Junior approached again. After a great pass from Quintero, Bacca assisted Pacheco, who finished off, but Marmolejo was good in the bilge.

40′ Junior tried again. Pass from Berdugo to Berrío, who finished off inside the area and Marmolejo responded again in the goal.

47′ Approach of Medellín. Pons received a pass from Valencia and shot at ground level, but the ball went wide.

50 & # 39; Again he looked for Medellín. Collective play that ended in a shot from Valencia, Viera left the rebound, but Pons could not define.

59 & # 39; Junior’s goal! Bacca grabbed a rebound on the edge of the box and, without dropping the ball, finished to send the ball into the back of the net.

79 & # 39; Medellin goal! Pass from Ibargüen to the newly admitted Pardo, who shot from medium distance and beat Viera.

Development of the match:

Junior and Medellín signed a 1-1 tie in a vibrant match corresponding to date 2 of the BetPlay 2023-I League.

The ‘shark’ was more incisive in the first half, generated the best options and turned Andrés Mosquera Marmolejo into a figure.

In the second part, the ‘powerful’ changed his attitude, showed a more offensive and elaborate game, but he sinned in the definition and the ‘shark’ took the lead through Carlos Bacca, who ended the leading role of the ‘powerful’ goalkeeper ‘.

However, 20 minutes later equality came with a goal from Felipe Pardo, who defined from medium distance and saved a point for the Antioquia team that debuted in the BetPlay League.



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