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GUADALAJARA. A group of elements of the National Guard it was ambushed on the southern coast of Jalisco, bastion of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias the mencho, with a balance of one dead uniformed and another wounded. After the attacklos criminals made roadblocks to get away from the authorities.

In this area, members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) shot down a military helicopter on May 1, 2015, killing 10.

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The Administration of United States Drug Enforcement (DEA) believes that the mencho He hides in the mountainous region that includes the states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Colima and his native Michoacán.

The ambush Yesterday it happened around 5:00 a.m. during a surveillance tour carried out by the personnel of the National Guard by the municipality of Atengo, in the Sierra Occidental region of Jalisco. armed civilians who were traveling in a white pick-up truck began to shoot at the officers, for which reason, when their lives were at risk, they repelled the aggression. In it attackand National Guard he lost his life and another was injured, according to information from federal sources. The delinquents they escaped towards the hill to avoid being captured.

Minutes later they were burned vehicles cargo at different points in Autlán de Navarro and El Grullo to prevent reinforcements from arriving to support the national guards.

The Security Secretary of the State of Jalisco confirmed in a statement that two cargo vehicles were left obstructing the highway Autlán-Unión de Tula, at the height of the Corcovado Bridge, the place where state police arrived; however, the site was already cordoned off by personnel from the National Guard.

Likewise, the state agency announced the fire of a cargo vehicle, which blocked the circulation of the El Grullo-Unión de Tula highway, at the height of the Puerta de Barro Bridge, where state officials arrived as first responders, who reported that there were no injuries or possible causing.

After these events, operating personnel of the Security Secretary of the state supported both sites to free the highway sections, while the corresponding instances maintained the investigation work.


The southern coast of Jalisco is a mountainous area that is difficult to access -in some points it can only be reached by air- that borders on Colima, where the authorities have information that the mencho He has his hiding place. in the past elections. In that area, even the robbery of ballot boxes by hooded and armed men was reported in the last elections.

On May 1, 2015, federal authorities carried out an operation to capture The Mencho, which ended with the demolition of a military helicopter with a balance of 10 uniformed dead.

In addition, they registered locks with cars set on fire in at least 25 municipalities, including those belonging to the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

After this event, three other confrontations took place and then a state police officer, a civilian unrelated to the events and two alleged delinquents. In addition, 19 injuries were reported (13 elements of the federal forces, five civilians and one state police officer), urban transport suspended activities on more than half of its routes, to which was added fires in 11 banks, 19 gas stations affected and two coexistence businesses.

Nemesio Oseguera gained control of the region after beating the group called Resistanceled by Elpidio Mojarro, alias Don Pilo.

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The mencho and Don Pilo disputed the control criminal of Jalisco after the Mexican Army killed Ignacio Nacho Coronel in July 2010, who at that time was the criminal leader of the plaza.

After the death of Ignatius Colonelin Jalisco there have been at least 12 blockades attributed to groups of the organized crime. With information from Román Ortega and Elizabeth Ibal


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