The Swan Song by Miguel Ángel Gil – The Penultimate Raulista Alive

Until Thursday, and regarding the arbitration matter, the speech of the Cholo Simeone He had been very consistent: he said that he never talked about the referees… and he strictly complied, he didn’t talk about them. And except for that blunder of his when he said that that league that in the end Barcelona ended up winning I was dangerously prepared for Madrid, he had also always been respectful to his rival. And I say with his rival and not with his rivals because Simeone only has one rival, he only has one adversary in the world, and that is none other than the Real Madrid. I don’t know if that’s the case since Mendoza preferred to sign Fernando Redondo Instead of bringing it to him from Sevilla or everything starts from the two lost Champions League finals but the fact is that Simeone, who it is true that he was consistent until Thursday, only has one rival, which is Real Madrid. And it must be that, with everything already lost and aware that the information from the time of an Informative is left in Atleti, the other day everything was blown up, It was something like the swan song of Cholo.

And late on Friday, and since Simeone had insisted a lot on stating that nobody cared about anything that the referee had not shown the second yellow card to Ceballosin what I understood to be a clear reference to the ownership of AtletiMiguel Angel Gil, forced by circumstances, issued a statement riddled with insidiousness, lack of respect, lack of fair play and lack of education towards Real Madrid. Real Madrid, naturally, has not responded, more than anything because Florentino Perez (and I am not saying this with the intention of offending anyone but with the sole purpose of describing the situation) does not consider Miguel Ángel Gil. And when I say that Real Madrid, of course, has not responded, I don’t do it with admiration but, once again, describing a situation with which, by the way, and although it doesn’t matter either, I don’t agree.

The Saturday after the Friday of the statement, and from the club’s official profiles, an excerpt was broadcast, I think from the film Amélie, in which a child says that about “When a finger points to the sky, the fool looks at the finger”. And, indeed, the finger is the second yellow card that the referee did not show Ceballos and the sky is so wide that the Sun of the highest paid coach in the world, the stars of the most expensive footballer in the history of the club having to leave on loan and through the back door because that same coach has been unable to make him perform properly, the planets of the early elimination of the Champions League in the same group as Porto, Leverkusen and Bruges and the Moon to stay out of Europe. And if, as Sergio Valentín said this afternoon, there have been many mattress fans who have bought into the conspiracy theory, the truth is that the Atletico Madrid I would be calling them all fools because they are indeed looking at the finger while the club is cracking sportingly speaking.

For trying to follow the diffuse plot line of Gil’s comic statement: this gentleman becomes general director of Atleti in 2002; since then, Barcelona has won ten league titles, Real Madrid six, Valencia one and his team, Atlético de Madrid, two. If this were, as he suggests, a corrupt system, the one who would have benefited the most would be Barcelona, ​​then Madrid and, later, his Atlético de Madrid. If Real Madrid instills respect, Barcelona more. If Real Madrid has power, Barcelona has more power. If, as he points out, Real Madrid drives, Barcelona drives more than Real Madrid. And then, after the two ocean liners, Atlético de Madrid manages, instills respect and benefits more than the rest. But I read and reread the statement, I look at it from the front and from behind, and Gil doesn’t talk about Barcelona but only about Madrid. Why? Very simple: because with the Gils in front, and probably because of the fact that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, Atleti has become a culé satellitea Barça office in the capital, a Barça subsidiary.

And, while the mattress fans look at the finger, Gil begins to sing the goodbye that I’m leaving. Because, deep down, the statement on Friday, which takes us back to another Gil, in this case to his father Jesus of him, is also his particular swan song. It is already in position 67 of the Forbes list of the greatest fortunes in Spain with 400 million euros. Real Madrid is as good for a tear as it is for a ripped one and it is so big that its mere existence can justify the resounding failure of a professional soccer coach who earns almost 4 million euros gross per month and a CEO who has Atleti out of business. everything. And if you finally stop looking at the finger?



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