The pre-infantile teams of the Soria Basketball Club will reappear on the 22nd of…

The Castilla y León Basketball Federation has confirmed the venues and pairings for the second concentration of the Campeonato Autonómico Pre-Infantil, scheduled for next January 22 and in which two teams from Club Soria Baloncesto that have not played any official match since last October 12 will take part. The men’s CSB Trebia will play in Villares de la Reina (Salamanca) and the women’s CSB Hospital Latorre will face their matches in León. Both the men’s team, led by Gonzalo de Domingo and José Javier Carnicero, and the women’s squad, coached by Marta Giaquinta, Laia González and Judit Verde, will search on January 22 their first win of the season in the Pre-Infant Autonomous Championship, whose third concentration will be held on February 18.

The Second Division Autonomous Championships of the different categories will live their first day of 2023 this coming weekend, so all the other teams from the lower sections of Club Soria Baloncesto -except the juniors of the CSB Campofrío A and CSB Campofrío B, who are resting, will return to the competition on January 14 or 15. In the first concentration of the Pre-Children’s Autonomous Championship, CSB Trebia lost in Burgos against Iveco Real Valladolid Baloncesto Violeta (75-36) and CSB Hospital Latorre suffered defeats in the two games they played at the San Andrés Sports Center: 9-59 against BFB Burgos and 35-60 against CDU Valladolid.

Those born in 2010 make their debut this season in the children’s category, which means that CSB Trebia is practically the same team as CSB Children’s Male B that participates in the Second Division Autonomous Championship. And the players of the CSB Infantil Hospital Latorre B who were born in 2010 or later will be joined in León by two of the members of the CSB Infantil Femenino A who are debuting the category in the current season. CSB Trebia will face Base from Segovia and Lourdes Stella from Valladolid. The Segovians achieved a victory in the inaugural concentration and the Pucelano team, like CSB Trebiastill does not know the triumph in the Pre-infantile Autonomous.

And the San Isidro Pre Sports Club of Valladolid and the Villamuriel Basketball Club of Palencia will be the two adversaries of CSB Hospital Latorre. Vallisoletanas and Palencias played the most even match of the first concentration at the San Andrés Sports Center, which was resolved in favor of the Villamuriel Basketball Club, the undefeated leader together with the Burgos Pre-Infantile Women’s Basketball. The first two of each group will fight for the title in the last concentration of the Pre-Infant Autonomous Championship and the third and fourth will fight for the Castilla y León Cup.. The Soria Men’s Basketball Club won in 2019, with a team led by Fernando Flores and made up of those born in 2006, the inaugural edition of the Pre-Children’s Castilla y León Cup.


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