The Hispanics hang the bronze medal after coming back to Sweden

Spain is bronze. The Hispanics repeat the precious medal for the third consecutive world championship of teams, after those achieved in Egypt 2021 and in the Tokyo Games. Against Sweden, in which It was the reissue of the 2022 European final, Jordi Ribera’s men beat the Scandinavians, one of the hosts of the championship, in a duel with two aspects. The 22-18 interval did not invite optimism, but in a round second half defensively, with an excellent Rodrigo Corrales, and Adrià Figueras and Alex Dujshebaev leading the attack, the Spanish team dismounted the Swedes to climb to third place on the podium.

With twenty thousand throats on Tele2 covering, Sweden released the clutch and stepped on the accelerator fully. Glenn Solberg’s men did not give Spain a second of respite during the opening half hour. Based on quick transitions, they dismantled the tepid defense of the Hispanics, unable to close the path to the far left. There, the Barça player Hampus Wanne got fed up with tickling his teammate, an earthy Gonzalo. The Swede went to the changing rooms with six goals on the stat sheet.

It was difficult for Spain to withdraw after scoring, although they kept their pulse on the scoreboard until 11-11. Casado directed and Solé and Ángel Fernández faced from the wings. Special mention for Joan Cañellas, with a reinforced concrete arm for throwing ten meters. However, Tobias Thulin’s entry onto the track changed the scenery for the Scandinavians. The goalkeeper lowered the blind and Spain got stuck in the static. That, together with the fragility in the rear, paved the way for the Nordics, frantic with Ekberg on the counterattacks (16-13). To make matters worse, two practically consecutive exclusions for Maqueda and Sánchez Migallón did not help to recover the intensity at the back that Jordi Ribera demands. The Catalan coach stopped the game at 17-14 and pulled the board. But not like that. Wanne continued to challenge Gonzalo and Sweden rocketed to 22-18 at the intermission.

He modified the Ribera system, interventionist by nature. Spain recovered the 5:1 lead in defense, with Kauldi Odriozola ahead, and minutes for Rodrigo Corrales in goal. The Galician changed the dynamics with his intensity and the Hispanics took six minutes to make up the disaster of the first half (23-23). Solberg requested time after the rival reaction, although the match was already another, now it was played at the pace set by the Spaniards. Adrià Figueras was sure in the six meters, while Alex Dujshebaev brought out the waist shots ‘made in’ Talant (30-33).

They entered the final five minutes with 32-35 and two Swedish exclusions ended up blowing up the duel. Spain knew how to take advantage of the superiority and sign a 36-39 that keeps it in the world elite of handball.


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