the funny trick of the Djokovic clan with a bottle to pass his instructions on the court

Novak Djokovic quenches his thirst in Melbourne during his match against Grigor Dimitrov. LOREN ELLIOTT / REUTERS

LE SCAN SPORT – The Serbian staff would have stuck a sheet on a bottle to transmit instructions. A practice that goes against the spirit of the regulations.

Novak Djokovic’s entourage does not lack imagination to circumvent ATP regulations limiting instructions in the middle of a match. These must indeed be limited to a few words or brief sentences and above all not interrupt the game or disturb the opponent. Not always easy to make yourself understood. A video circulating on social networks and dating from the first round of the Serb against Enzo Couacaud shows the player’s clan using a clever ploy to communicate.

Goran Ivanisevic, coach of Novak Djokovic LOREN ELLIOTT / REUTERS

Next to Goran Ivanisevic, coach of the player with 21 Grand Slam titles, a man prepares a bottle filled with an energy drink entrusted to an employee on the court in charge of giving it to the player. Before passing on the bottle, Djokovic’s relative took care to attach a small sheet on which some recommendations were probably written. When Djokovic collects his energy drink, he detaches the fold he is looking at for a few moments before putting it on his chair.

A trick that escaped the eyes of the referees since in Melbourne, no warning or fine was sent to the Serb who qualified for the quarter-finals. But with the leak of this video on social networks, “Nole” and his staff will probably have to take more precautions against Alex de Minaur on Monday in order to exchange valuable information.

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