The Cristiano-Messi war reaches the desert

The signing of Cristiano Ronaldo by the Saudi Al-Nassr, which this Tuesday presented its new reinforcement, has become, for the moment, the most mediatic operation in the winter market. The contracting of the star, which he has signed until 2025, has unleashed euphoria among the fans of his new team and the sale of the Portuguese’s shirts has skyrocketed. But the arrival of the former Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United player has also opened a ‘war’ in the country between the followers of the Portuguese and those of Messi, his greatest rival in recent seasons. Even Al-Hilal, Al-Nassr’s greatest rival, has entered into it by putting his team’s elastics on sale with the Argentine’s name. Cristiano Ronaldo landed on Monday night in Riyadh to be officially presented this Tuesday to Al-Nassr fans, who have signed the Portuguese until 2025, a period of two and a half years in which he will receive an estimated salary of 200 millions of euros. The hiring of the Portuguese, champion of the Champions League in five editions and of leagues with Juventus (2019, 2020), Real Madrid (2012, 2017) and Manchester United (2007, 2008, 2009), has caused the fans of Al- Nassr have launched in recent days to purchase the shirt of his club with the name of the luso serigraphed. The ‘stocks’ of shirts have flown and this has even forced fans to go to official stores with their own elastics so that they can decorate them with the name and number of Cristiano Ronaldo, top scorer of all time. in the Champions League, with 140 goals. Related News Standard football No Cristiano Ronaldo, new player for Al Nassr AFP The Portuguese signs with the Arab team for two seasons with an amount of about 200 million euros per campaign To compensate for the pull that Cristiano’s signing has brought, Al -Hilal, Al-Nassr’s greatest rival, has put his team’s shirts on sale with the name of Lionel Messi, elastic ones that are also having great sales success among their passionate fans. Before After Cristiano’s arrival, however, has not only triggered the sale of Al-Nassr shirts, but also the number of followers on his social networks. Only after announcing the signing of the Portuguese, the club’s pages on social networks gained millions of new ‘followers’ in a matter of hours. On Instagram he went from 800,000 followers to four million. Cristiano Ronaldo was presented by his new team this Tuesday at the Al-Nassr stadium, Mrsool Park in Riyadh. The Saudi club had received 130,000 requests from fans who wanted to attend the event, although the stands of their field could only accommodate 30,000 people, which is the capacity of this field. At Al-Nassr, who has been playing in its modern stadium since 2015, Cristiano Ronaldo will have well-known footballers such as the Colombian David Ospina, the Cameroonian Vincent Aboubakar, the Brazilian Luiz Gustavo or the Spanish Álvaro González as teammates. With the signing of the Portuguese star, Al-Nassr wants to give impetus to a team founded in 1955, whose last national title came in 2019 and which is eager to win the Asian Champions League, in which its Saudi rival Al-Hilal is the last champion and the one with the most continental titles.


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