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With the break, I admit that it has been difficult for me to touch the pen again to, one more Thursday, bring you closer to the best performances of the U22s. In a period where the most outstanding players are taking shape and signings take place, such as that of Michael Caicedo for Granada de ACB, the EBA League does not stop bringing out powerful players and brilliant performances, while some receive the prize of making their debut in the ACB as Adama Traore, Rubén Vicente or Unai Barandalla.

U22: 2001 and later years

Group A

AA group

Cantbasket 04 lost in the final moments on their visit to Ointxe, but Adrian Ramirez (’02) he takes on responsibilities again and, despite not being very successful in the launch, he went to the 18 points and 6 rebounds being key next to the star Pemsl.

In the tribute to Gotzón Arrieta, Gipuzkoa Basket Easo beat Santurtzi by a close score and despite the 19 points of bingen perez con 5 triples.

Very regular in his performance throughout the course, a lighthouse in the paint, Sandro Crespo (’01 / 15 pt, 9 re) once again guided Raisán Pas Piélagos in his victory against Clínica Sur Aspasia where Pablo Martin (’01) does not fail (24 pt, 10 re).

Head-to-head duel in which LBC imposed its law and that the Bilbao Foundation puppies were not intimidated, highlighting Unai Barandalla (’02 / 18 pts), Elvis Ude (’03/14 re) y Eneko Salinero (’02 / 18 pts).

Megacalzado Ardoi could not put up any resistance against a tough Group from Santiago, but the youngsters are taking on responsibilities in Navarre, such as Ducun and Ander Arbizu (’01 / 15 pts).

Enrachado continues Nahuel Del Val (’01) and his idyll with the triples, until 7 to 25 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assistswith a total of 31 valuation for Ereaga Clínica Dental Getxo to prevail over Los Arcos Solares Restaurant.

Valuable victory of Grupo Inmapa Filipenses at home at the home of Tabirako Baque with 21 points from Jaime Tejerina (’01) y Silvano Merlo (’02) at your level with 16 points and 7 assists.

AB group

He still does not know the Covadonga Group victory that fell on his visit to Betanzos, but his youngsters responded: Guille Pedrosa (’02 / 15 pt) and Diego Cuetos (’04 / 18 pt).

Cultural Leonesa wants more, again triumph with distance, wide rotation and Fede Copes (’02) highlighting with 16 points before a Calvo Basket Xiria from where Pau Isern (’01) he went to 32 PIR with 24 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists.

Hereda Ávila Auténtica El Bulevar played a great game at the home of Mundioma Marín ENCE Peixegalego surprising the Galicians and winning, with Adrián Froufe (’03) as featured with 21 points y Alejo Maggi (’02 / 14 pt, 10 kings) adding inside

Berthold Eluku (’04 / 18 pt, 10 re) he was a colossus on the inside, well supported by 16 points of Santi Paz (’03) and a double-double of Fallou Niang (’01 / 10 pt, 10 re) so that Obradoiro Ames imposes himself on a Solgaleo Bosco Salesianos from where Gabriel Priest (’01) he went to the 18 points.

Corinto Gijón won at home but the show put it Fer Bello (’03) of Construcciones Riveira EDM A Estrada who went to the 40 points (15/23 TC) and 5 rebounds for a PIR of 33.

Group B

Group BA

Náutico Tenerife prevailed in the regional duel against Inmobiliaria Gálvez Santa Cruz with the Ukrainian Vladyslav Semerych (’04) helping local stars with 15 points and 6 reboundsbefore some visitors who had in Gabriel Perez (’02, 17 pt, 7 re) to her fittest man.

Aridane won with Philippe Correia (’01) getting strong inside 14 rebounds before Majadahonda.

Complete performance of the Mexican Víctor Valdés (’04) with 20 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assistsbut insufficient for Zentro to defeat the always competitive Alcalá.

He pulled the car again Sdenry González (’02 / 16 pts, 5 re) for Doña Ramoncita La Solana to prevail against the Spanish Basketball Academy where the junior Adria Butko he went to the 18 points.

Nothing changes in the life of Real Madrid, a clear triumph at the Estudio’s home and this time as highlights Hugo Gonzalez (’06 / 20 pt, 6 re) y Egor Demin (’06/17 pts, 5 aces).

Grupo BB

Good game from Pozuelo and with Gustavo Martín (’01, 18 pt, 5 re) standing out before La Matanza where Axel Bello (’01 / 13 pt, 11 re) He became strong again in the area.

Jofemesa Boadilla was close to adding his second win of the year against Globalcaja Quintanar supported by the good work of Álvaro Gómez (’05 / 27 pts, 6 re).

Transportes Gobra Güímar did not hesitate at home, 19 points from Jonathan Jorge (’01) to defeat the Sun Chlorella Dragons with Alvaro Herguedas (’02/15 pts) and Gloire Goma (’03/18 pts) as most outstanding of the visitors.

Tiago Dias (’04) does not lower its level, the combo guard Portuguese was key for Torrelodones to win at Fuenlabrada’s home with 21 points and 5 assists his.

Group C

Group C1

Very serious match of Básquet Girona B against Mataró Parc Boet, with victory based on the trident formed by Kevin Torres (’03 / 23 pt, 5 re), Adrià Moncanut (’02 / 19 pt, 4 ro) and Ferran Díaz (’03 / 18 pt).

What a great victory for Martorell on the Patria Hispana Seguros Almozara track with Eloy Domènech (’03 / 16 pt, 8 d) always contributing, to which was joined the work inside Lluis Martos (’02 / 10 re).

Pancho Rentals Visit Calvià’s record of victories is still zero but his youngsters continue adding minutes, 14 rebounds for Michael Enabulele (’06) in the defeat against Quart Germans Cruz where Eric Paradeda (’02) he used his minutes well with 22 points and 10 rebounds.

In it show of Chabi Yo in the triumph of Prosperplast Alfindén against the pearls of Joventut stood out in the Penya Iker Garmendia (’06 / 15 pts, 6 re)who played his best game in EBA so far.

Group C2

A weak CN Helios where Jorge Gallego (’03 / 11 pt, 10 d) He was his best man, he fell to the powerful Barça, now without its stars but with some juniors who want to fight like Dame Sarr (’06 / 17 pt) and the work, always priceless, of Martín Iglesias (’04 / 16 pt, 6 re).

Ibersol Tarragona continues in its good dynamics this 2023, another triumph with 15 points important of Kristian Mendes (’02) And till 11 rebounds of the pearl Marc Buscail (’03).

Group D

DA Group

Nice duel where UCB Camper Eurogaza added one more against a Unicaja orphaned by Álvaro Mena but with the ACB Rubén Vicente (’05 / 16 pts)although unsuccessful in the shot, Badji (’06) with 15 rebounds as always, and with Hugo Vazquez (’06/21 pts) and Matteo Casero (’06/15 pts) taking that step forward.

Adrian Latorre (’04) a wall was made with 14 reboundsby profession a rebounder in a tough fight with Chazelas, in which he got his team Hospital Ochoa Marbella to beat Melilla Sport Capital.

good game of Khadim Fall (’01) with 16 points and 10 rebounds for Ecoculture Costa de Almería to beat Benahavís without problems.

Exploded Eugenio Egea (’03) finally in OH! Tels ULB, and with 20 points It was important to win on the Vikings Syngenta Murgi track.

Important game in which Jaén Paraíso Interior became strong at home against a Colegio El Pinar that gave up the lead; for the people of Jaén, the young duo at their level, 17 points for Ivan Casas (’02) y 11 rebounds for Javier Martinez (’03).

DB group

Clear triumph of Modular Moraleja against a Real Betis that has not just started, David Antonescu (’04) he went to 17 points and 12 rebounds but with irregular shooting percentages.

Victory does not arrive for Bodegón Andalucía Cimbis, and that Fernando Quero (’03) he went to the 23 points y Carlos Goicoechea (’03) until the 13 reboundsbut insufficient against a Baublock Gymnástica where Mario Linde (’02) scored 22 points easily.

The young people of the City of Badajoz Academy took advantage of the weaknesses offered by Eiffage Dos Hermanas and several men stood out as Mouhamadou Traore (’04 / 17 pt), Matteo Strikker (’01 / 20 pt, 7 d) and Jose Carlos Balderas (’04 / 18 pt, 4 d).

Group E

Grupo EA

Double-double (12 pt, 11 D) of Ivan Aleksandrov for NB Torrent, but they lost at home to Picken Claret, so they did not take advantage of Lliria’s setback.

Proyme Alginet won their home game; Ivan Cubero (’03) helped with 11 rebounds to win over Tabernes Blanques.

NBA scoreboard after extra time in L’Alqueria so that Puerto Sagunto prevailed by a single point, with 17 goals from Pedro Bustamante among other highlights, while for the Valencia subsidiary, David Barbera (’05) he went to 16 points and 5 rebounds, Pablo Silla (’05 / 17 pt), Adrian Salvador (’05 / 17 pt, 9 re) y Pablo Luengo (’04) none other than 23 points.

Good match by Tau Castelló against NB Paterna Power Electronics where Daniel Oliver (’03) was the most successful of the visitors with 15 points and 5 rebounds.

Hit on the table by Swedish Fustes Bonet who takes the co-leadership and beats an EB Vila-Real where again Alfonso Ribera (’01) dominoes in painting (17 pt, 10 re).

Grupo EB

By the minimum, Lucentum Alicante won at the home of Ifach Calpe, a Traore (’06) each day more settled in Oro he was going to 11 points and 11 rebounds, Carlos Velazquez (’02) on your line with 15 points and the star was Makar Voronin (’05) with 22 points.

Sercomosa Molina showed its strength as a block by defeating the mighty UCAM at home, with good performances from Daniel Sánchez (’01 / 11 re) and Francisco Hernández (’04 / 17 pt, 7 re) in front of some university premises where only Carlos Hurtado (’03 / 15 pt) and Villiam García (’04 / 17 pt, 5 d) highlighted.

With several players contributing, Servigroup Benidorm won at home and among them with 15 points from Adriano Gasé before an Ilicitano Caja Rural where Malik Camal (’01 / 17 pt) and Jesus Calero (’04 / 15 pt) they tried to put the counterpoint.

Proinbeni UPB Gandía does not loosen up, before the experts Organic Ager Begastri, its young block came to light with 22 points from Alejandro Requena (’01) and the dirty work of Alex Terrades (’01 / 17 pts, 8 re).


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