Tevez revealed that he followed the World Cup “little” and… why still DIDN’T TALK to Messi?

El Apache said that he was not so aware of the World Cup and that he did not write to the Argentine captain for a particular reason.

The Qatar World Cup 2022 had all the soccer fans fully immersed in the World Cup action, however Carlos Tevez revealed that he was not so aware of the activity, that he followed France more and revealed why he has not yet written to Lionel Messi.

“I didn’t follow the World Cup very much. I followed France a lot because it was a team that I liked”said Carlitos in dialogue with SuperMitre Deportivo when asked about the recent edition of the World Cup that consecrated the Argentine National Team after beating the French team, which was to the taste of the current technical director.

also counted why he still hasn’t written to Messi after managing to lift the trophy: “Must have phone blown up”. He also highlighted: “It gives me great joy that my children shout his goals”.

Carlos Tevez: “I don’t miss the Boca world or football, it exhausted me”

When reviewing his career a bit, which as a player made his retirement official in 2022 and quickly began his work as DT against Rosario Central, he assured: “I don’t miss the Boca world, nor football because it exhausted me”.

Later he acknowledged the rumors that linked him to Rojo de Avellaneda when he announced that he was leaving his position in the Rosario team. “As soon as I left Rosario Central, they called me from Independiente”, he recounted in an interview with Radio Miter and assured that he does not have “the need to go out and direct anything.” He also added that although he had the chance to continue leading the Canalla, he did not do so for political reasons.

He stressed that “projects” matter to him when choosing a team to work on and said: “Having a good project in Argentine soccer today is very difficult, there are three or four clubs that can do it.”

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