TAS agrees with FIFA and punishes Pachuca from Mexico with payment of more than 4 million dollars to Santos for Christian Cueva’s pass | videos | SPORT-TOTAL

After years of legal dispute, the TAS finally favored Santos from Brazil for the pass of against Pachuca in 2020. The court also sanctioned the Mexican club and the player for a payment of 4.7 million dollars to the Brazilian institution.

In this way, the Court of Arbitration for Sport ratifies FIFA’s initial decision after the abrupt departure of Cueva del Santos. However, the amount to be paid had a considerable reduction, since it went from seven million dollars to a little more than four and a half million.

For its part, the ‘alvinegro’ club used its official website to refer to this “important victory” in court. And he considered the player’s departure as “unilateral and without just cause.”

“Cueva and his lawyers argued that he had just cause to terminate his contract with Santos FC due to arrears, separation from the team and failure to register for the Paulista Championship. However, the dispute filed by Santos showed that the athlete did not meet FIFA’s minimum requirements,” the statement said.

Cristiano Caús, Santos’ defense lawyer, also spoke at the time about the case, the repercussions and the player’s responsibilities with the club.

“An athlete cannot, with a current contract, leave without just cause just because he wants to transfer. All this he did in a few days when the Mexican window was closed. For Santos it is very important because an athlete cannot break a current contract without compensation”, assured Caús.



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