Spanish luxury. This is how Sparta lives, inventing on purpose comes from the captain’s room

Housing football Sparta at training camp in Marbella.

Marbella (From our newsletter) – Beach in sight, pool, sun and peace. The hotel where Sparta found refuge for ten days is definitely not in the center of a seaside resort. Players are transported to training sessions and matches by club bus.

And while the members of the implementation team live for the most part independently, it is different for the footballers. For example, Ondřej Čelůstka, who is currently returning from an Achilles injury, even has two teammates.

“I joked before I left that I lived alone at foreign training camps for ten years, but now I’m going to share a room with guys from Uherské Hradiště on my old knees. But we understand each other, even if there is a certain South Moravian rivalry,” jokes the 33-year-old stopper, who grew up playing football in Zlín.

He does not complain about the lack of privacy in the company of Milan Heča and Lukáš Sadílek. “We all get some sleep, but it’s hard to say if we belong to a quieter room. Surprisingly, I do not feel the need to close myself somewhere for a while. We’ll get along, no problem,” he boasts.

On the contrary, the most lively Cimry probably includes the one with Filip Panák and captain Ladislav Krejčí. The latter also had an incident from the departure flight, when one of his teammates hid his suitcase at the airport.

Training environment of football Sparta in MarbellaVideo: Jiří

“It must have been Pany. He doesn’t really know what to do with his free time, so he provokes others. But this is exactly the thing I like about our team. The team then lives,” Krejčí says with a smile.

“We’re in a room together, but I haven’t lost anything else yet, he hasn’t used it yet. So now we rather figure out together how to find someone. Retaliations follow and it cannot be stopped,” describes the atmosphere at the training camp, during which Sparta has already beaten Stuttgart 2:0 and still has Monday’s duel with Salzburg.

After the pairs, there are also Jakub Jankto with Jan Mejdre, Jaroslav Zelený with Jan Kuchta, Adam Karabec and Kryštof Daněk, Matěj Kovář with Martin Vitík, Patrik Vydra and Adam Goljan, new reinforcements Kaan Kairinen with Awer Mabil, Dimitrije Kamenović has Martin Minčev as his partner and the Danish duo consists of Asger Sørensen and Casper Højer.

On the other hand, Lukáš Haraslín, David Pavelka, Tomáš Čvančara, Jakub Pešek, Tomáš Wiesner, Vojtěch Vorel and also newcomer Qazim Laci enjoy the peace in private.


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