South American Sub-20: Mascherno says he is leaving Argentina after elimination | National teams

The Colombian National Team defeated Argentina 1-0 and left it out of the hexagonal of the South American U-20, with which it said goodbye to the option of qualifying for the World Cup in the category, which it won three times.

And the first ‘victim’ is Javier Mascherano, the coach, who minutes after the elimination was consolidated, in a tournament to be forgotten, announced that he would not continue leading the team.

“I don’t think it will continue, the best thing now is to be able to return to Argentina and be calm,” he declared. “I am very grateful for the opportunity, because it is not easy for them to give it to you in the National Team. I have failed, ”he added, although he also left it on the air that he still needed to speak with the president of the AFA, Claudio Tapia, upon his return to the country.

The only person responsible, Mascherano said after winning only one of his four games and leaving in the first round despite being a favourite, is him: “There is not much to say. First of all, sorry for the boys, for not having been able to help them. The truth is that it is an incredible generation and it is clear that the one who has failed is me, in not being able to transmit to them the confidence and tranquility that they know, as they demonstrated to me throughout the process”.

And it is that Mascherano leaves Argentina out of the U-20 World Cup for the seventh time, nor does he give them the option of the Pan American Games in Chile and thus marginalizes the boys from a high-level competition until 2025, when the Qualifying Qualifying for the Games comes of Paris 2024.



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