Shooting during a soccer match in Villa Luz was recorded

On the night of this Sunday, January 29, there was a shooting in the vicinity of the Villa Luz park, in Engativá, while playing a match football of the Bogoltá tournament, between the teams Pilotos FC and Zulia FC

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The act of violence, that was registered in the transmission of Facebook What did the organizing body do?caused panic among the spectators and football players fans, who took refuge from the sound of the bullets.

In fact, according to versions of some attendees at the sporting event, the The shooting injured a man from the Zulia FC team, which is made up, for the most part, of Venezuelan citizens.

Bogota news: shooting during soccer match in Villa Luz

Given the situation, Pulse contacted Carlos Cantillorepresentative of the Bogoltá tournament, who confirmed that the injured person is a player from the Zulia FC team

“Unfortunately, the case arose in which a person outside the court presented injuries and the Police preceded to serve him. Within sports, which is what we are governed by, we have no more information, ”she specified.

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The shooting It provoked the reaction of several Internet users, who rejected the act of violence and asked for a greater presence of the authorities to avoid this type of situation.

So far, the identity of the person who was injured is unknown, as well as the version of the events by the Bogota Metropolitan Police.

See here the video that an Internet user rescued from the transmission on Facebook:



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