Shin Tae-yong’s fate is according to the agreement – The Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) ensures that Shin Tae-yong will remain in his position until the contract ends.

Shin Tae-yong has served as coach of the Indonesian national team from December 2020 to December 2023 or a three-year contract.

Shin Tae-yong’s failure to lead the Indonesian national team to win the 2022 AFF Cup did not get him kicked from his seat.

“Yes, dong (keep Shin Tae-yong),” said Yunus Nusi, quoted from Between News.

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Because, there are still several agendas after the 2022 AFF Cup, namely:

  1. 2023 U20 Asian Cup (Uzbekistan, 1-18 March 2023)
  2. SEA Games 2023 (Cambodia, 5-17 May 2023)
  3. U20 World Cup 2023 (Indonesia, 20 May-11 June 2023)
  4. Asian Cup 2023 (Qatar)

So far, Shin Tae-yong has not made any achievements in terms of titles or trophies. However, Indonesia’s qualification for the 2023 Asian Cup is history for Indonesian football.

Apart from that, Shin Tae-yong also succeeded in increasing the ranking of the Indonesian national team in the FIFA rankings.

Previously, the Garuda squad was ranked 179th, then slowly increased to 151st.

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Shin Tae-yong’s closest agenda is the 2023 U20 Asian Cup which could serve as a warm-up for the 2023 U20 World Cup.

Shin is currently returning home to South Korea and will arrive in Indonesia in February.

“Shin will immediately lead the preparations for the U20 Asian Cup,” said Yunus Nusi.

Meanwhile, the continuation of Shin Tae-yong’s contract if the contract is completed is still uncertain.

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