Sainz senior escapes punishment in Dakar Rally after ‘helping hand’ Sainz junior

Carlos Sainz senior has escaped a race control penalty in the Dakar Rally after son Carlos Sainz junior lent a helping hand during repair work. This is prohibited by the regulations.

Sainz senior is a veteran of the Dakar Rally with three overall victories, but the Spaniard almost went into the boat. Images circulating on social media show Sainz and his co-pilot stopping in Saudi Arabia on Friday to carry out repair work on the left rear brake. Son Carlos – closely following his father in a helicopter – is watching from a distance and decides to lend a helping hand.

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The images show how the Ferrari driver closes the door of the Audi RS Q e-tron after the two have taken their place behind the wheel again. However, this is prohibited by the regulations, which state that outside interference is not allowed. The FIA ​​stewards therefore launched an investigation into the incident, but ultimately decided not to issue a penalty. This is because Sainz junior’s help was not at the initiative of the drivers, and therefore it cannot be seen as a violation.

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However, the stewards have emphasized that this action should not raise doubts among other participants. According to the race directors, “very well-known drivers from motorsport” must set an example to the rest of the participants. “The Dakar Rally is part of the FIA ​​World Championship and it is important that the sporting principles are followed. It is also important to avoid situations that raise doubts,” the stewards’ statement read.

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