Racing Genk wins dazzling match with five goals in Westerlo, bicycle kick Munoz decides match | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

  1. 24′ – Goal – Joseph Paintsil (0 – 2)
  2. 7′ – Goal – Aziz Ouattara Mohammed (0 – 1)
  1. 90+4′ – Yellow – Maxim De Cuyper
  2. 90+2′ – Verv. Rubin Seigers by Kyan Vaesen
  3. 90′ – Verv. Joseph Paintsil door Mbwana Samatta
  4. 77′ – Yellow – Rubin Seigers
  5. 74′ – Cont. Mathias Fixelles by Lukas Van Eenoo
  6. 74′ – Cont. Edisson Jordanov by Tuur Dierckx
  7. 73′ – Cont. Aziz Ouattara Mohammed by Bryan Heynen
  8. 68′ – Cont. Igor Vetokele by Nene Dorgeles
  9. 64′ – Doelpunt – Daniel Muñoz (2 – 3)
  10. 62′ – Verv. Bilal El Khannous door Mike Trésor
  11. 62′ – Verv. Nicolas Castro door Yira Sor
  12. 55′ – Goal – Thomas van den Keybus (2 – 2)
  13. 53′ – Goal penalty kick – Maxim De Cuyper (1 – 2)
  14. 49′ – Geel – Edisson Jordanov

Racing Genk’s victory has rarely been so hard-fought this season. Before half an hour, the leader took a double lead in Westerlo, but two quick goals shortly after the break, the home team fought back completely. Genk, who thanked the VAR, grabbed the three points through a great bicycle kick from Munoz.

Westerlo – Genk in a nutshell:

Key moment: Just when the Genk ship seemed to be sinking, Munoz threw a life buoy in the form of a clever bicycle kick. Good for a high spectacle value and three points.

Man of the Match: Maxim De Cuyper was a constant scourge for the Limburg defense. The Duracell rabbit turned the left flank into his playground and brought Westerlo back into the match.

Remarkable: From May 21, 2022 it was since Aziz Ouattara got another basic place at Genk. This season he was only allowed to appear for 47 minutes. Today he thanked for the confidence with an early goal.

Efficiency trumps enthusiasm

Hyper-efficient: Genk’s code word in recent days. The leader didn’t need more than two few chances to reach the warmth of the dressing room with a double lead.

After goals of surprise in the base Aziz Ouattara and permanent value Paintsil, the visitors were looking for extra pillows and blankets to nestle well in their seats. But a Western tornado abruptly ended the early slumber party.

The eternally industrious Maxim De Cuyper converted a lightly whistled penalty. Less than ten minutes after the break, Thomas van den Keybus conjured up a steel-hard icicle in the intersection out of his hat.

Wouter Vrancken intervened and threw his strongholds into battle. Although it was Daniel Munoz who caused Limburg euphoria. With a great bicycle kick he stunned goalkeeper Bolat, who reluctantly fished the third goal out of his net.

A quickly playing football Westerlo did not give up. When referee Boucaut whistled a second penalty for the home team, the ultimate reward seemed to be in the making. But after a look at the VAR screen, he had to call off a reversal in the slot.

Westerlo loses two home games in a row for the first time since November 2019. Genk happily continues his title story, with or without good football.

De Roeck: “Unjustified defeat”

De Roeck (trainer Westerlo): “We lost unjustly. The best team is left empty-handed. We were severely punished for the mistakes we made.”

“That is the difference between Genk, which is in a good flow, and Westerlo, where luck is not on our side. I can’t blame my boys. We had possession, control and created chances. The only thing missing was the result.”

Treasury (Genk): “For the neutral viewer, this was a spectacular match. Fortunately for us, we took the three points against a good team. They made it very difficult for us. Were we lucky with the second goal? No, we play with more conviction and then we go those balls in it.”

“Today was a statement, because everyone who comes here has a very difficult time. We wanted to underline our character and get the three points in a difficult game.”

  1. end, 22:42. Genk wins spectacular match: 2-3. The leader takes the 3 points in ‘t Kuipje. After a whirlwind from Westerlo early in the second half, the home team came alongside. Munoz saved his sinking team with a great bicycle kick. Again no dominant performance from Genk, but again 3 points. .
  2. second half, minute 98 match over
  3. second half, minute 95. Samatta takes an ownerless ball opportunistically on the shoe. His shot blows over Bolat’s goal. .
  4. second half, minute 93. Van den Keybus tries again. The snag and Van den Keybus: best friends tonight. At this time after. His long effort whizzes past the furthest post. .
  5. second half, minute 92. Genk has to fight to hold on to the three points. Despite the high spectacle value of this match, the performance of the Limburgers was not enchanting. .
  6. second half, minute 92. Replacement at Westerlo, Kyan Vaesen in, Rubin Seigers out
  7. tweede helft, minut 90. Vervanging bij KRC Genk, Mbwana Samatta erin, Joseph Paintsil eruit
  8. VAR stops for penalty. Doubt about the validity of the penalty with the VAR. Boucaut takes a look and follows his colleagues. The party is canceled in ‘t Kuipje. . second half, minute 88.
  9. second half, minute 86. New penalty for Westerlo. Tuur Dierckx feels a toe from Hrosovsky and goes down spectacularly in the box with his goal attempt. Boucaut puts the ball on the spot again. .
  10. second half, minute 85. Sor shows his scorching pace, but Genk opts for control and plays the ball backwards. .
  11. Bolat in front of Onuachu. Trésor pelts the leather towards Onuachu’s forehead. Bolat can use a hand to prevent him from putting the game in a decisive fold. . second half, minute 82.
  12. second half, minute 81. Paintsil uses his speed in the transition, but then starts to have doubts. Onuachu was eager to get the ball, but didn’t quite walk himself free. .
  13. From Eenoo against the plain. A solid collision with Heynen fells Van Eenoo. He needs to get care. Paintsil also goes down after a tumble. . second half, minute 78.
  14. second half, minute 74. Replacement at Westerlo, Lukas Van Eenoo in, Mathias Fixelles out
  15. second half, minute 74. Replacement at Westerlo, Tuur Dierckx in, Edisson Jordanov out
  16. second half, minute 73. Replacement at KRC Genk, Bryan Heynen in, Aziz Ouattara Mohammed out
  17. second half, minute 73. Aziz Ouattara’s game is over. Heynen has to kill the game. Another switch at Westerlo: Tuur Dierckx enters the field, just like Van Eenoo. .
  18. second half, minute 72. Westerlo does not give in yet. Pushing is still possible, but delivering a good decisive pass is not. .
  19. second half, minute 71.
  20. second half, minute 70.


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