Park Hang Seo Reveals the Weaknesses of the Indonesian National Team

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Park Hang Seo reveal the key to Vietnam’s victory over Indonesian National team in the semifinals AFF Cup 2022 while at the same time exposing the weaknesses of the Garuda squad.

The coach from South Korea stated that his team’s victory over the Garuda Squad was inseparable from the change in tactics made by Vietnam.

“In the first leg match, we played with a 3-4-3 formation and got a goalless draw. After that, we analyzed the match and found out that Indonesia’s main strength was on the counterattack,” said Park after the match.

Vietnam also closed the gap on the side of the field while releasing a direct pass behind the Indonesian defense line. Quoted from BetweenPark claims that is Indonesia’s weakness.

In order to take advantage of the situation, Park also played two attackers in the second leg at My Dinh Stadium, Hanoi. Nguyen Tien Linh and Pham Tuan Hai played from the first minute.

“Indonesia has a weak point and that’s the reason we played with two strikers today,” said Park.

Vietnam’s first goal which was created in the third minute occurred through a fairly simple scheme. The ball was sent to the stomach from behind and a mistake in the coordination of the defense made Nguyen Tien Linh have space to shoot.

Vietnam has stepped into the final and will face the winner in the Thailand vs Malaysia match which will be determined today. In the first leg, Thailand lost 0-1 to Malaysia.

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